Friday Favorites

Yay! It’s Friday!! For the past few weeks, it seems that by the time Friday comes I am so exhausted from the week and putting up a Friday Favorites post is just the farthest thing from my mind. But these are some of my favorite posts to put together because I love sharing all of the fun things I’ve found from all over the Internet. So this week, I’m back at it and hope you find some things that inspire and interest you too!

This week I managed to take Rylie on two walks, one for over an hour and a half and then another with Van last night to downtown Concord for the kickoff of Union Street Live. I’m trying to take full advantage of the nice Spring weather before the intense humidity of the summer sets in. Rylie loves being outside and she was happy to get out for a couple of walks as well!


She also enjoyed swinging outside for a bit. She wasn’t sure what to think the first time we put her in it, but now she smiles and starts to giggle when pushed.

005Anyway, without further ado, here are my favorite finds from this week!

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Favorite OMG Sweet Treat: Oreo Peanut Butter. What? Whoa. Yum! I love Oreos and peanut butter. This could be dangerous!

Oreo Peanut Butter

Favorite Accessory: Tri-Tone Pom Scarf from Anthropologie. Love the look and the colors! And it’s just one scarf, but looks like a few that are layered.

Anthro Pom ScarfFavorite Cupcake Idea: Polka Dot Cupcakes. Why didn’t I think of this? Too cute!

Polka Dot Cupcakes

Favorite Baby Gear: Super precious Mint Flower shoes from See Kai Run. Um, can I get them in my size too?

MIDORIS13MINT_LG_1Favorite Fun Kitchen Tool: Cake Slice Silicone Baking Cups. Well isn’t this just the neatest little thing. No more worrying about bad cake cutting skills!

Cake Slice Silicone Baking Cups

Favorite Savory Yum: Buffalo Chicken Cheese Ball. Oh my. This stuff is always a party favorite and I can imagine it’s just as good in cheese ball form!


Favorite Home Decor Craft: Magnetic Picture Board. Did you know that Martha Stewart makes magnetic paint?! Yeah me neither! Gotta get some of that asap! I have several projects in mind that it would be perfect for!

Magnetic Paint Board

Well that does it for this week. I’m hoping to get several things checked off my list this weekend as we have two very special guests coming to stay with us next week! Hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend!


Friday Favorites

Hello, hello! Happy Friday to you! I don’t know about you, but I’m so happy that the weekend is here! This week felt extra long, maybe because I went in to the office three days in a row and never quite felt like I could get it together in the mornings or in the evenings. Regardless, the weekend is here and we should celebrate! Let’s kick things off with a little Friday Favorites action, shall we?

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Favorite Reminder: I’m not sure who originally posted it, but I saw this on another blog a few days ago. Such a good reminder to enjoy the present, whether you have kids or not.


Favorite Indulgence: Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter Smores from How Sweet Eats. Oh my, my, my!! She is always posting recipes that make me drool!


Favorite Colorful Delight: Rainbow Fruit Cookie Cake by IamBaker. This would be a fun summertime dessert or birthday treat!


Favorite Repurpose: Painted Chalkboard Label Glass Jars. Watch out pickle jars, here I come!


Favorite Easy Home Update: Change out your ugly vent grates! We have one in our hallway that is just screaming to be changed!


Favorite DIY Project: I’m loving this Heringbone Tray from It’s Always Autumn. I think this would be a great addition to our kitchen table. Time to get out the power tools!


Favorite Kitchen Accessory: Cute Measuring Spoons like these from Pier 1. I’ve been dying to get some cute measuring spoons that are made out of something other than plastic. The writing on the ones we have has rubbed off and it drives me crazy! I was this close to buying some at TJ Maxx the other day, but they looked too big for holding the proper measurements. I’ve seen some cuties at Anthropologie too that I may just have to check out!

3be63ee8c36c998b923275234a57815fFavorite Building Project: I’m in LOVE with this custom office shelving and custom office worktable from The House of Smiths. It looks easy enough to build and the final product is beautiful!

DIY office shelves -

Ah, so much inspiration! Makes me want to organize, declutter and get started on some projects! Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

Fridays are always sweet, but vacation Fridays are even better! Thankfully Van and I both have the day off today and we have several things on our agenda. I started off the morning by sleeping in (hallelujah!) and then we picked up some project essentials at Lowe’s and did our monthly shopping at BJ’s. Van and Rylie girl took naps when we got home and the rest of the day’s fun is about to begin! Spring cleaning and projects here we come! We’re excited to spend the evening with friends tonight celebrating Good Friday and will continue our spring cleaning and project fun tomorrow as well. If I’m not back before then, Happy Easter to you and your family!

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Favorite Easter Eats: Bacon and Cheese Easter Bread. Say what?! With Easter in its name, it seems to be a pretty clear sign that we should make it this weekend!


Favorite Sip: Copycat Caribou Coffee Sparkling Peach Black Tea. This looks so tasty and refreshing…and you can’t beat the savings by making it at home!


Favorite Bag: This Navy Chevron Harper Tote from Pottery Barn Kids is too cute! I got their catalog this past week and was drooling over! So much cute stuff!


Favorite Baby Beach Accessory: Again from PB Kids, these Diaper Covers and Reversible Sun Hats are too sweet! Rylie NEEDS these for our upcoming trip to Arizona!


Favorite Shareable Sweet: Martha’s Cinnamon-Bun Bites. I guess all things can be shareable, but this treat is just begging to be taken to a morning get-together!


Favorite Discovery: Printstagram! Can’t wait to print some of my Instagram photos from here!


Favorite Home Accessory: I’m loving this Wooden Floral Wall Clock from Say Hello Shop. They also have it in a white plastic, but the price tag is a good bit higher. Check out the many other cute things from this shop!


Well some organizing projects are calling my name so that’s it for this edition of Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites

Oh Friday! I’m so happy you’re here! Even with a full work day ahead, I am so very thankful that the end of the week has arrived. We made it through my first week back at the office, thankfully with tears only on Monday. I think I cried enough on Monday for each day of the week though! Van ended up keeping Rylie on Wednesday and even brought her to have lunch with me. That was definitely the highlight of my day! Leaving Rylie for the day definitely makes coming home even sweeter and I just can’t seem to hold her enough once I get there. I’m so thankful that she is a cuddly baby because I need that, especially right now!

Enjoy my favorite finds from this week and have a great weekend, dear friend! We are looking forward to a very fun weekend filled with lots of friends and I can’t wait!

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Favorite Freebie: Printable Post-it Notes! While maybe a little time consuming, this is such a cute idea! And hello! It’s FREE!

Printable Post it notes

Favorite Baby Craft: These felt hair bows are super cute and felt is super cheap so this crafty project looks like a winner! Rylie needs just a litttttle more hair to wear them though!

Felt Bows

Favorite Easter Decor: I don’t know what it is about these hanging tulips, but I love them! Our door is in need of some spring color and this might just be the ticket!


Favorite Healthy Treat: No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars. These would be a great snack to take to work. And I love that fact that you don’t have to bake them!

No Bake Granola Bars

Favorite Morning (or anytime!) Sweet: Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. I need to make these, eat one and then immediately give the rest away! They look too delicious!

Cinn Sugar Donuts

Favorite Tip: How to pick peppers! Did you know that the ones with four bumps are female peppers and have way more seeds than peppers with three bumps (the males)? I always wondered why there are sometimes lots of seeds and other times hardly any!


Favorite Baby Style: Rompers! I can’t get enough! Here are a few cuties that I love:


Romper 2

Favorite 3 Month Old: Oh wait, is this my child? I finally took her three-month pictures this week. I’ll be sharing more of them tomorrow!


Friday Favorites (On Saturday!)

So it turns out that the combination of going back to work and sticking with my commitment of staying off of social media after 4 pm doesn’t work very well for blogging! But I have several favorites from this week to share with you so here are my Friday Favorites…on Saturday!

Favorite Organizing Solution: I don’t really wear belts…like ever…but I love this clever way of keeping them organized using a paper towel holder!

Organized Belts

Favorite ‘Mom Posts’: I have recently taken an interest in a few Mommy Blogs and really loved Blue Eyed Bride’s Bringing Faith to Life about how to do that while managing time as a mom and Thoughts from a Perfect Mother by Kelly’s Corner about how your thoughts about other moms/kids really change once you actually have kids of your own!

Favorite Update: DIY Jute Lamp Shade. I already have an ugly old lamp shade, I just need the jute!

DIY Jute Lamp Shade

Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting. I’m making these to take to church tomorrow. End of story!

Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Whipped Peanut Butter Frosting

Favorite Find: SheInside. Whoa! This website has tons of awesome jewelry (and other fun things) for really great prices! Here are just a few of my favorites:

Necklace 1

Necklace 2

Necklace 3

Favorite Sip: Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream. Why didn’t I think of that?!

BaileysFavorite Re-purposed Project: Tire Ottoman. Looks like I have a thing for jute today! She has all kinds of other great re-purposing projects on her blog too!

Otti Done2

That’s it for this week! I hope your weekend is lovely so far!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, dear friend! I hope you have had a lovely week and are looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend ahead! Today marks my very last day of maternity leave. So, so sad! It’s quite surreal and I’m pretty positive that it hasn’t completely sunk in yet. Prayers are needed as I prepare to return to work. Better quit talking about it now because my eyes are starting to fill with tears. Whew!

Anyway, we have several fun things on the agenda for this weekend, starting with Life Group tonight where I’ll be bringing these cookies by request. Tomorrow morning I’m going to check out this consignment sale in Huntersville. I went for the first time in the fall and found lots of great items at amazing prices. Gymboree and Gap clothes for $2 or less? Yes please! I’ll be sure to let you know if I come out with any great deals this time around. We are then going to head to Hickory to meet baby Simon and visit with Heidi and Zech. We can’t wait! It was actually Van’s idea to go visit them this weekend. He then suggested that we meet up with our friend Casey and her baby James, which is going to work out wonderfully! Rylie will get to see both of her boyfriends in one day! She better put on her best baby lotion and pick out a cute outfit for this grand event! I’m hoping to have some cute pics of our adventures to share with you so stay tuned!

To wrap up this week, below are my Friday Favorites from this week. Enjoy!

Favorite ‘Coming Soon’Vera Bradley’s NEW Baby Line that will be revealed on March 14! So stinkin’ cute! The first two patterns are girly, but clearly that works for me! Interested to see the price tags on these cuties! Check out more sneak peaks on Pinterest.

Vera Bradley Baby

Vera Bradley Baby 2

Favorite Cute!: Leg Warmers from Gracious May for babies and little girls. I’m not 100% sure that I like, or even understand, leg warmers, but these are just so cute! These would be cute on Rylie next Christmas! Take a look around the site, they have lots of adorable stuff!

Leg Warmers

Favorite Accessory: Fossil’s Marlow Zip Clutch. On my birthday wish list…must remember come September!

Fossil Wallet

Favorite Arm Candy: Fossil’s Georgia Leather Watch. I couldn’t help but notice it when I saw the wallet. And ever girl needs a matching wallet and watch, right?! Right.

Fossil Watch

Favorite Copycat: Homemade Tagalongs! What?! Yes. Making these asap isn’t even an option. I think a test of a few homemade versions of Girl Scout Cookies is in order. I’m sure you would agree.

Tagalong Copycat

Favorite YUM!: Honey Butter Pull Apart Rolls. I may have to trade out the biscuits I was going to make for Life Group tonight for these. It’s just one of those things that may have to happen!

Honey Butter Pull Apart Rolls

Favorite Reminder: 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. I had never thought about #10, but it makes sense. Check it out!

Favorite Decor: Ruffle Curtains…and that rug…ooh and the wall stencil! I’m thinking I’ll need to make these curtains for Rylie someday. Or baby #2…not happening anytime soon though, people!

Ruffle Curtains
Well that does it for this week! Hope you have a fab weekend!

Friday Favorites

Hello there! Where has the week gone?! Despite a somewhat slow start, the rest of the week seemed to quickly slip out of my hands!  It was a great one though filled with several days of friends and topped off with my parents arriving today! They are on their way to our house now and I’m so very excited for them to get here and to see Rylie. We are looking forward to a weekend of just hanging out, including with my brother on Sunday. Woohoo!

Since the ‘rents are on their way, I better get started with sharing my favorites from this week. Some are from around the web and others from our lives.

Favorite How-To: Two Twenty-One’s Card Table Makeover. I have a feeling that this project just might be in my future. What a fun update!


Favorite OMG Dessert: Puppy Chow Cookies. Yes. You read that right. Pretty sure we all need these in our lives!


Favorite Baby Must-Have: Sweet Mint Mary Jane Shoes. Rylie NEEDS these, don’t you agree?! That price tag is a little deterring though…

mary janes

Favorite New Friend: Rylie got to meet Liesl this week! She drove all the way from Columbia, SC to meet us for lunch in Charlotte and we were so thankful! Despite Liesl’s offer to take her home with her, Rylie had to decline since she has plans this weekend. We will go and visit her for sure though!


Favorite Play Date: We got to hang out with Rylie’s friends Lily and Emma on Thursday! Their mom Heather made delicious Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Fruit Salad for lunch. I just love that some of my friends have babies too! Lily is a month older than Rylie, but Rylie is considerably bigger. She’s just so tall! Lily isn’t a big fan of lying on her back, hence the cry.

Ryie’s belly just cracks us up in this picture. Nice and full from her lunch!


Favorite Blessing: Our friend Kristin will be watching Rylie three days a week once I go back to work. We are so thankful that she is able and willing to do this!! My anxiety about returning to work and leaving my sweet girl is significantly lower since I know she will be in really good hands. Kristin’s daughter Reese just loved Rylie and I have a feeling that Rylie will love Reese too! It was so sweet to see her watching Reese’s every move!


Have a great weekend, friends!

Friday Favorites

We have had a lovely week here at the Lambert abode. Two days with fun visitors, yummy new recipes made, happy news from friends, a baby who sleeps 11 hours consistently (what?!) and all around stress-free days. A great week indeed! Though I’m incredibly excited for another weekend where we get to spend two full days with Van, the end of the week also means that we’re one week closer to me returning to work. I can hardly bear to think about leaving my sweet girl so instead I will enjoy every minute and direct my focus toward favorites from this week while she naps.

Favorite Love Story: My sweet friend Liesl called to tell me the news that she’s engaged! So incredibly happy for her and Taylor! Adding to the excitement, we get to meet her for lunch next week! Oh what fun!

Liesl and Taylor

Favorite Must-Make Sweet: Caramel Stuffed Krispie Bars. Must.Make.NOW!

Caramel Stuffed Krispie Bars

Favorite Craftyness: Fabric Wall Flowers. Also, loving her blog right now! I have an idea up my sleeve that is adapted from this tutorial and will share once it’s complete! Hoping that by announcing that I’m working on it will actually make me finish it – always the challenge!

Fabric Flowers

Favorite Before and After: Foyer turned into a loft. I’ve never seen anything like this! Though I must admit that I’d be a little nervous having this done as a home DIY project, what an awesome idea and fabulous use of wasted space!


Favorite Discovery: THE cutest cards. And they’re customizable! You can also add gift cards. So many cute options to choose from too!

Favorite Etsy Shop: The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy. Everything is just so whimsical and beautiful! I also stumbled on this Oregon print. Pretty sure I need to have it. Like now!


Favorite Baby: Well this one is a given! She is just so dang cute all the time. I can hardly stand it!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Favorites

After a busy week last week, Rylie and I have enjoyed spending quite a bit more time at home this week. I’ve been able to slowly but surely check things off my ever-growing to-do list to allow some time for some fun upcoming projects. I have found all kinds of fun things online this week too (thanks Pinterest!) so without further ado, here are some of my favorites from this week!

Favorite Must-Have: Illuminate-It Lamp Base from PB Teen. You can have the base light up even if the light itself isn’t on. Creates a beautiful glow!

Illuminate It Lamp

Favorite Kitchen Accessory: Threshold Stoneware Canister from Target. The combination of the chalkboard label and the blue lid – love it!

Threshold Stoneware Canister

Favorite Party Accessory: Chevron Ice Cream Spoons. These make me want to have an ice cream party NOW!

Chevron Spoons

Favorite Super Simple Dessert: Cookies in a Cloud. Only five ingredients and two steps? Yes, please!

Cookies in a Cloud

Favorite Entry Idea: Old Windows on a Skinny Table. I have the windows, I just need to DO something with them!

entry refresh 6

Favorite Time-Saver: Portion – Measure and Mix Spoon from The Smart Baker. This is just…awesome! Mix and measure with the same utensil!

Portion - Measure and Mix

What are you loving this week?

Friday Favorites – Sewing Edition

So for Christmas the ever-so-generous, kind and wise Santa brought me a sewing machine!! Two of my friends have the same one, which they call the twins, so I am so excited to be able to add a triplet to the bunch! Aside from taking a month-long quilting class in college, I know next to nothing about sewing. Thanks to Jessica, one of my roommates in college and fellow quilting class participant, I know a few words like “seam allowance,” but my knowledge is pretty bleak. And I SO can’t wait to play and learn and make beautiful things!!

So I figured it’s only fitting to do a Friday Favorites with all things sewing! Here are some projects I just adore and perhaps aspire to create some day. Clearly, some are more advanced than others, but I WILL learn!

Favorite Must Make Item: Mason Jar Pin Cushion similar to the one by Crazy for Collars. Pin Cushions are essential to sewing and this is just cute and practical! Based on what you want to put in the jar, you could make them as large or as small as you want.

Favorite Useful Project Idea: Money Envelopes like the ones from Saving Money In Style. We use the envelope system, but our envelopes are just plain boring compared to these!

Favorite Little Gift Idea: Heart Book Mark like the one from Happiness is Handmade. That’s just cute!

Favorite Quilt Idea: Puffy Quilts like this one by Honeybear Lane. Maybe they’re meant for babies, but I just want to snuggle up with one of these NOW!

Favorite Accessory: Vintage Style Belts like the ones from ands. Seriously cute.

Favorite Clutch: This one by Grand Revival. I don’t know if it’s the fabric she used or what, but I’m just loving this!

It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me! But the final result just looks SO worth it. Now, I just need to learn how to turn the sewing machine on! 🙂