Friday Favorites

We have had a lovely week here at the Lambert abode. Two days with fun visitors, yummy new recipes made, happy news from friends, a baby who sleeps 11 hours consistently (what?!) and all around stress-free days. A great week indeed! Though I’m incredibly excited for another weekend where we get to spend two full days with Van, the end of the week also means that we’re one week closer to me returning to work. I can hardly bear to think about leaving my sweet girl so instead I will enjoy every minute and direct my focus toward favorites from this week while she naps.

Favorite Love Story: My sweet friend Liesl called to tell me the news that she’s engaged! So incredibly happy for her and Taylor! Adding to the excitement, we get to meet her for lunch next week! Oh what fun!

Liesl and Taylor

Favorite Must-Make Sweet: Caramel Stuffed Krispie Bars. Must.Make.NOW!

Caramel Stuffed Krispie Bars

Favorite Craftyness: Fabric Wall Flowers. Also, loving her blog right now! I have an idea up my sleeve that is adapted from this tutorial and will share once it’s complete! Hoping that by announcing that I’m working on it will actually make me finish it – always the challenge!

Fabric Flowers

Favorite Before and After: Foyer turned into a loft. I’ve never seen anything like this! Though I must admit that I’d be a little nervous having this done as a home DIY project, what an awesome idea and fabulous use of wasted space!


Favorite Discovery: THE cutest cards. And they’re customizable! You can also add gift cards. So many cute options to choose from too!

Favorite Etsy Shop: The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy. Everything is just so whimsical and beautiful! I also stumbled on this Oregon print. Pretty sure I need to have it. Like now!


Favorite Baby: Well this one is a given! She is just so dang cute all the time. I can hardly stand it!


Have a great weekend everyone!


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