Weekend in Review

We had such a nice and relaxing weekend full of naps and hanging out. It was definitely needed for both of us! On Friday night we went to Chic-fil-A and did some shopping for a wedding that we went to on Saturday. We watched The Book of Eli when we got home and it was so good! A little violent for my tastes, but that’s ok.

Van did a lot of napping on Saturday between running errands and Robert and Jaimee’s wedding (Robert and Van went to high school together). The ceremony was in Cornelius and the reception was in Concord at the Embassy Suites. Everything was really beautiful and I loved seeing Van’s friends and their wives again. We didn’t take very many pictures, but we did manage to snap this cute one:

Awww! I love my HUSBAND! Still crazy that I can say that, but I LOVE it!

After church and lunch with Van’s parent’s on Sunday we both took a long nap and did some cleaning and baking (ok Van cleaned and I baked cupcakes!).


Weekend in Review 1/8-1/10

Lots going on right now, with this little wedding thing and all, but I can’t completely neglect my blogging!
On Friday Van met me at our apartment and we made tuna fish sandwiches for dinner before heading out to run some errands. We even stopped at Yogurt Lab (self-serve frozen yogurt place) and had a yummy treat! They had all sorts of toppings and I seemed to choose all of the wrong ones. Van had quite the delicious looking bowl with tons of toppings, probably why his alone was over $7! Good thing we made dinner at home! 🙂
On Saturday morning we were back to work at the apartment bright and early and then got to celebrate with the sweetest couple at their shower! Mark & Amy are getting married two weeks after us and we are SO excited for them. They also just announced that they’re expecting a baby and we are so thrilled and can’t wait for it to arrive. That will be one adorable baby! We stopped at Concord Mills to run a few more errands on our way back to Mooresville. That place was crazy and reminded me why I don’t like to go shopping there on the weekend! We came back to my house and worked on our wedding music before having dinner with my parents.
We went to church on Sunday and then to Van’s parents for lunch. We did a few things around the apartment and then I headed back toward Mooresville to wrap up some loose ends. I seriously cannot believe that a week from now we will be married! Whoa!

Weekend in Review: 3/25-3/27

This weekend was over before I even knew it began! I don’t feel like we did a whole lot, but it definitely flew by

I went to Van’s on Friday after work and then we headed over to our apartment to drop a few things off. When we walked in the door, there was a huge surprise waiting – our couch was in our living room! Van and his friend Tim from work moved it in on Thursday evening! It fits perfectly and looks so good! I was just in awe for awhile and then happened to walk into the kitchen where I was met by yet another surprise – Van had purchased the table we had looked at and even had it all set up! It has a dark wood top, black legs, two chairs and best of all – a bench! I love it even more than I thought I would. It really is the little things in life – I was so happy and excited all night long! We went to Target to run some errands and then had dinner at Chick-fil-A before going to back to our HOME! to finish up some stuff.

I headed back to my house rather early on Saturday morning. I woke up around 4 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. There’s just so much on my mind right now, my brain wouldn’t turn off! I finally fell asleep around 5:30 and thankfully slept until 7:30. I got ready and did some wedding stuff before my mom and I left for the mall to meet Van’s mom for some shopping! Van’s Aunt Diane wanted to buy a dress for me to wear on the honeymoon and have lunch with us. Sadly, they weren’t able to come because of a death in the family. She insisted that we still go, so we met up at Belk and I found a dress really quickly. It’s black and white with green and blue at the bottom. Hard to describe, but I love it!  Thank you Diane!! I even got some cute earrings to match! We shopped for awhile and then had a late lunch at Bravo! Italian Cucina. I had the Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich and it was so yummy! I brought the other half home and had it for dinner. Van came over after we got home and I worked on program stuff while he relaxed.

Sunday we were both up pretty early and I worked on cutting program pages before we went to church. After church, Jamie and Patty came over to help me assemble the programs. Thank goodness for them! We didn’t finish, but we made great progress and got a lot accomplished! I think I can knock the rest of it out this week.

No more thinking for tonight – my brain is exhausted!

PS Less than 3 weeks!!!!!!!! Maybe I’m a little excited! 🙂

Weekend in Review: 3/18-3/20

I just love how it’s still sunny when I get off work and stays that way later in the evening! It makes such a difference on my drive home. When I get home and it’s dark, it feels like the day is pretty much over. With the sunshine and light, I feel like i can get so much more done!

Van picked up the washer and dryer we bought the night before and was testing it out with his dad when I got to his house. We had some pizza for dinner and just relaxed for the evening.

On Saturday we were both ready to get up and go pretty early. We went and checked out some moving sales (with no success, but still fun nonetheless) and then stopped at Punchy’s Diner for breakfast! Van had pancakes and I had biscuits and gravy for the first time! Ooh that was deliciuos! So healthy too! 🙂 We got my car inspected after that and then Van took a nap before it was time to head to Mooresville. Jamie, Jessica and Casey were hosting a shower for me at 2 in Statesville so I got ready at home and then Mama Lambert, my mom and I headed out.

As we were pulling up to Jamie’s parents house I recognized a familiar car and it was LIESL AND CHELSEA!!! They came all the way from Charleston! Oh I was so excited to see them! When we got in the house I was just amazed at how nicely they had decorated. I have some amazing friends for sure! So many of my dear friends were there and we had such a great afternoon. They even made all miniature foods since they know how much I love mini things! Too perfect. Aside from all of the fabulously generous gifts we received, my favorite part of the day was the advice game that we played and the video that Jamie made. There were pictures from all different stages of our relationship and it was just so sweet. Thank you to everyone who came and gave us gifts! We appreciate and love you more than you’ll ever know!

When we got back to my house, Van got to go through all of the gifts to see the goodies we got. He was so excited too! We had to run some errands so we did that and then came home for dinner with my parents. Van had helped my dad with all kinds of stuff while we were at the shower so both of us were tired by the time 8 rolled around! Relaxation for the rest of the evening was definitely needed!

We went to early church this morning and then came straight to Concord. We had a yummy lunch of Salmon Patties and then I came back home not too long after so I could get some stuff done. My MOH Makenna is coming tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! It doesn’t even seem real! She’s coming all the way from Oregon just to spend the week with me! Ooooh yay!!

Weekend in Review: 3/11-3/13

We got so much done this weekend, I can’t even believe it! Lots of things took quite a bit of time so it may not seem like a lot, but there were many things crossed off my to-do list!

On Friday after work I met up with my parents and brother at JJ Wasabi’s in Mooresville. Derek and I shared some delish sushi and oh my how I’ve missed that! So yummy! Van was asked to speak at The Upper Room on a guy’s QA panel and so he went there while I was at dinner. I surprised him (even though he said he knew I’d come) after dinner. We spent the evening there with friends and som fun high schoolers. Sleep was the only other thing on our agenda for the evening!

On Saturday morning we got up early and worked on top secret wedding stuff all.day.long! We had fun and are excited about how things turned out. I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what we did! For a break we went to the bank to set up a joint account so we could get that process started. I’ll be leaving my beloved Bank of America, but only because there just aren’t enough of them in Concord for convenient banking. It’s ok though. I know Van is leading us in the right direction!

Later in the day Van and I took a trip to the ever-fabulous Statesville mall to visit Jill! She’s doing my makeup for the wedding so we did a little practice run. Van went shopping and bought some nice things to wear on the honeymoon. I’m lucky he has good taste and I don’t have to worry about what he’ll pick out. I like the comfy-casual style he pulls off so well. We got a Red Box on the way home, but never ended up watching it because we had to finish up our project we started earlier. We were SO tired at the end of the day since we had been on our feet for the majority of it!

I stayed home on Sunday after church and Van went home to relax. I got a lot more accomplished and even used the vacuum! I know I said I was going to wait, but I just couldn’t do it! I needed to vacuum my room anyway so this was the perfect opportunity! I got a little carried away and wanted to vacuum everything though…so I did! Ohhh how I love it!!

Weekend in Review: 2/25-2/27

This weekend was so great! We got so much accomplished, but were still able to relax and enjoy the weekend. I LOVE when I can check a ton of stuff off my to-do list!

On Friday I went to Van’s after work and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. We’ve decided that once we’re married, our date night will definitely be on Saturdays. We are just way too tired on Friday evening! When we got back to Van’s we chatted with his parents for quite awhile about all sorts of things. We shared some laughs and then called it a night.

We were up pretty early on Saturday morning. Even though I enjoy sleeping in, I think I may enjoy getting up early on the weekend. Yes. You read that right! It makes the day so much longer and then there’s time for a nap later in the day if needed! Oh how my opinions on life have changed! We met up with our wedding coordinator/miracle worker at Vintage Motor Club at 9 and got to see a glimpse of what the tables will look like at the reception. I think I could talk with this lady all day long! I’m so excited about what she is able to do for us!!

After we left The Vintage, we went to the jewelry store to find out about when we should get my ring re-dipped and to see if they thought Van’s ring is too big on him. He’s worried that it will fall off or get caught on something. They said it should be fine and that he should wear it on the honeymoon and see how it feels then. Let’s hope we don’t lose it in Mexico!

I got a call from the dress shop on Friday that the bridesmaid’s dresses arrived! Big surprise because they weren’t supposed to come until mid-March! Thank goodness they’re here now though because that timeline made me a liiiiitle nervous! We picked up the dresses and then headed to Mooresville. After re-grouping, I headed out for my haircut and hair test appointment! I love what Vicki is going to do with my hair and can’t believe that we’re already at this point. Holy cow it’ll be here SO soon!!!

Van and I went on a little adventure to BJ’s to browse and pick up a few things and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and working on the order of the ceremony and the program. I still can’t say enough how thankful I am that he has helped me so much. This is definitely not something that I would want to do by myself!! He has such good ideas too that I haven’t thought of, which makes it even better!

We had dinner with my parents and then relaxed the rest of the evening. Such a productive day!

On Sunday we went to the early service and then went straight to Concord for lunch with the fam. We both took a nap after lunch, which was so nice. After I got home I checked so many things off my to-do list – Woohoo!

Weekend in Review 2/18-2/20

I didn’t realize just how exhausted I was until I got to Van’s on Friday night! Van made some tasty quesadillas with ground turkey, onions and cheese for dinner. After I got into my comfy clothes and sat down on the couch, there was no hope for me! I think I began to fall asleep before 8 and was in bed by 9! I don’t feel like I was missing out on much though – we were just watching the NASCAR truck race on TV!
On Saturday I was ready to get up way before Van. This getting up super for the gym thing is really throwing my weekends out of whack! I was awake and ready to get the day started at 6:30! After Van woke up around 8:30 I started getting ready since I was driving to Greensboro to meet the wonderful Beth Overman to talk about cakes! I was planning on leaving at 11, but for some reason had it in my mind that I needed to leave by 10…to get there at 12:30? So I had a whole extra hour to hang out with Van! I printed out my directions ahead of time and was all ready to go at 11. But then I got in my car and couldn’t find the directions anywhere! I left a few minutes late because of this and then ended up being about 15 minutes late to meet Beth because of construction traffic!
We met at Café Carolina in Friendly Center and had a great time catching up and talking about all things wedding. I could sit and talk to Beth all day long! She had to leave at around 2:30 so I just walked around and browsed in some stores before coming home. I wanted to buy so much, but there isn’t anything I actually need. Well, I would like to have some more work clothes, but that’s another story. That shouldn’t count as normal shopping though, should it?! I mean, the clothes are for work. Not hang-out fun. Anyway…
Since I got a little lost leaving Greensboro, Van made it to my house before I did. My parents had prepared a wonderful meal of ribs, broccoli soufflé, my favorite Sister Shubert’s rolls and salad. Yum all around! We worked on a little wedding stuff later in the evening and also sampled Beth’s cake she gave me to bring home! What a nice treat! Of course we had to practice for the big day:

Sunday morning was spent in complete relaxation. I love waking up and not having anything to do! I eventually ran some errands while Van took a nap and then we watched the Daytona 500. We made a bet and I ended up losing. The rules were that the person who lost (me) had to make dinner for everyone else and the winner (van of course) got to choose what would be prepared. He has chosen grilled pizzas, which is fine with me! Serving/Church in the evening and then before we knew it, the day and weekend were over.

Weekend in Review: 2/11-2/13

We didn’t do a whole lot this weekend, but it was one of my favorites in awhile! On Friday I went to Van’s and he made us a yummy dinner and then we spent the evening hanging out and watching silly TV that we never have time for during the weekend (or even usually on the weekends for that matter)!

On Saturday my mom and I met at the dress shop because I got a call on Friday that my dress had arrived! Yay!! I was hoping this would be happening soon! I tried it on and was happy to find out that it fits perfectly and that it even needs to be taken in quite a bit in the straps. No problem with that! We scheduled my appointment for alterations and then were done before we knew it. Prom season is upon us so there were quite a few teenagers there trying on all kinds of bright dresses. So fun, but I didn’t want to stay any longer than we had to!

We ran some errands and then went to my house where we hung out and napped and then got ready for our Valentine’s date! We were going for a more low-key casual evening so we went to Brickhouse Tavern and sat at the bar for a bit while we waited for our table. We just talked and laughed and it was so great. Times like these really make me aware of how Van is truly my best friend. I could sit and talk to him all night long (if he could handle it!) haha We had a great night celebrating our love and friendship 🙂

We went to Van’s on Sunday after church and then I came home shortly after so I could run some errands and get some stuff done. My mom and I even spent awhile going through the invitations and then sealed all of them! It really didn’t take us too long, but if I was going to do it again, I would use peal and stick envelopes!

Weekend in Review: 2/4-2/6

I knew this weekend was going to be great – simply because I would be spending it with MRS. Caitlyn Andersen. I still can’t believe she’s married. And I really can’t believe that I’m getting married…in less than 3 months nonetheless! Cait’s flight didn’t arrive until around 10 pm so Van and I made dinner together and just relaxed for awhile. I must admit though that Van did most of the relaxing while I feverishly cleaned my room. I’m going to have to work on being more diligent about putting my stuff away at the end of the day instead of at the end of the week since I will soon have a full-time roommate! I can guarantee that he wouldn’t be too fond of my stuff lying all over the floor!
After we picked Cait up from the airport we went back to my house and had her favorite – cake pops! We needed her to test/approve them for an upcoming project (hint hint)! Van went to bed shortly after since it was way past his bedtime. But we stayed up talking into the wee hours of the night. I think we could have stayed up all night talking had we not been completely exhausted from the week.
On Saturday morning we got up and did some printing and postage purchasing after breakfast. We didn’t quite accomplish our goal, but we got a lot done that would be helpful for our tasks later in the day. We had a nice lunch at Camille’s and then enjoyed some white chocolate frozen yogurt at Fresh Berry. We started working on the RSVP cards when we got home and did so until it was time for dinners. We made paninis (Cait’s first time) and they were delish. We realized that we needed some stuff from WalMart so we went out for a little journey at around 8. We worked on invitation stuff until we went to bed after 1am.  Whew!

On Sunday morning we were both pooped to say the least! Van arrived and we went to church and then it was sadly time to take Cait back to the airport. Such a quick little trip, but I am so thankful she came and that we got to spend that time together. Thankfully she’ll be here a little longer next time!!
Van and I took a nap after church and then got our snacks ready to take to Justin’s Super Bowl party. There were all kinds of delicious foods there. I brought Rice Krispy treats made with Coconut Oil and they were a huge hit. Of course I loved that! I think I could bake something every day just because I like people’s happy responses. If only these things were calorie-free! I wasn’t really all that invested in the game, but I was glad that the Packers won!

Weekend in Review: 1/28-1/30

We knew our weekend would be a little complicated with a lot of driving so Van and I decided to just meet up for dinner after work on Friday. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and then walked around Target for a little while before making our last stop at Starbucks. We actually called it a night pretty early since we were both tired and ready to be at home.
He came over with his mom on Saturday morning and then she went with my mom and I to my first bridal shower! So exciting! My Scrap Shack friends Wendy and Pearl (April) hosted it and my Scrap Shack friends plus a few others were there. We had some delicious food, ate a beautifully delicious cake and opened presents while playing bingo. The Bingo squares had different gifts on them (silverware, towels, gift card, etc) on them and when I opened a gift, they put a marker on the word. So cute! Lots of talking and hanging out made for a fun afternoon! Thanks Pearl & Wendy!!

After unloading all of the gifts at my house, we drove back to Concord with Mama Lambert. Even though I was incredibly tired, I couldn’t seem to fall asleep, much to Van’s dismay. We hung around for awhile before going out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. We both had the salad bar and then walked around Wal-Mart for a little while people watching. What an eventful Saturday night!
Since we were serving at Remix on Sunday evening we just lounged around in the morning. Van napped and I watched silly wedding and decorating shows. I never have time to watch TV so it was kind of a nice treat. After lunch (chicken pot pie – yum!) we (van’s parents and us) met up with my parents at our apartment! We gave them the grand tour and they all approved. I can’t wait to get moved in and I know that Van is even more excited than I am. I’m so thankful for that because so many guys just let the girl get excited about it and aren’t interested in helping. I know he will be super helpful in organizing and putting together our new home! We went back to Mooresville after this and I got some stuff done while Van of course took a nap. Remix was great and then we went home to have dinner that my parents (aka mom) prepared. Delish!