Friday Favorites

Hello there! Where has the week gone?! Despite a somewhat slow start, the rest of the week seemed to quickly slip out of my hands!  It was a great one though filled with several days of friends and topped off with my parents arriving today! They are on their way to our house now and I’m so very excited for them to get here and to see Rylie. We are looking forward to a weekend of just hanging out, including with my brother on Sunday. Woohoo!

Since the ‘rents are on their way, I better get started with sharing my favorites from this week. Some are from around the web and others from our lives.

Favorite How-To: Two Twenty-One’s Card Table Makeover. I have a feeling that this project just might be in my future. What a fun update!


Favorite OMG Dessert: Puppy Chow Cookies. Yes. You read that right. Pretty sure we all need these in our lives!


Favorite Baby Must-Have: Sweet Mint Mary Jane Shoes. Rylie NEEDS these, don’t you agree?! That price tag is a little deterring though…

mary janes

Favorite New Friend: Rylie got to meet Liesl this week! She drove all the way from Columbia, SC to meet us for lunch in Charlotte and we were so thankful! Despite Liesl’s offer to take her home with her, Rylie had to decline since she has plans this weekend. We will go and visit her for sure though!


Favorite Play Date: We got to hang out with Rylie’s friends Lily and Emma on Thursday! Their mom Heather made delicious Chicken Salad Sandwiches and Fruit Salad for lunch. I just love that some of my friends have babies too! Lily is a month older than Rylie, but Rylie is considerably bigger. She’s just so tall! Lily isn’t a big fan of lying on her back, hence the cry.

Ryie’s belly just cracks us up in this picture. Nice and full from her lunch!


Favorite Blessing: Our friend Kristin will be watching Rylie three days a week once I go back to work. We are so thankful that she is able and willing to do this!! My anxiety about returning to work and leaving my sweet girl is significantly lower since I know she will be in really good hands. Kristin’s daughter Reese just loved Rylie and I have a feeling that Rylie will love Reese too! It was so sweet to see her watching Reese’s every move!


Have a great weekend, friends!


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