Rylie Kay – 9 Months

Oh Rylie Kay! Our sweet baby is growing so fast and seemed to change so much this month. She has completely mastered crawling and is really fast! Every time we leave her in the nursery at church, they always comment on how fast she is. And boy do we know that! I think she’s pretty impressed with how fast she can go and loves to look down when shes crawling, either to go faster or to watch her legs. It’s so funny to see her do it. She isn’t walking yet, but she loves to stand and walk around things while holding on to them. It definitely won’t be long before she’s off!

She loves puffs and stealing my water bottle for a nice big gulp of water. She doesn’t quite get the whole tipping a normal sippy cup up, but we’ve been so surprised that she’s able to drink out of a real water bottle with a straw. Maybe that’s a normal thing, but I don’t recall seeing it a lot! No teeth, but all of the signs are there (aka hello drool) so we think we’ll see one for sure within the next month.

Of course we just love every little milestone she hits and each new skill she learns. I never realized how gratifying it would be to teach her things and then to see her do them on her own. One of our favorites is playing “catch” with her. She loves to throw the ball to you, sometimes haphazardly, and is so proud after she does it. She can’t wait to get it back and start all over again. She loves to clap and wave. She often waves back at herself, but I’m hesitant to correct her because it’s just so cute!

I think the outtakes below really show how her nine month photo session went, but she did sit still for a few good ones! As shown in the video, she’s incredible animated and loves the sound of her own voice. Oh how I’d love to hear what she’s trying to tell us because she’s always so excited to share. We love our precious little girl and are so blessed to be her parents!






And here are the outtakes! Had to bribe her for some smiles just a bit with her favorite book near the end!

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