Rylie Kay – 10 Months

Ten months! How in the world can it be?! This month our sweet girl has grown an incredible amount and even got her first three teeth! The first two came in within the first week of the month and my goodness they are sharp! The third followed about a week or so later and they seem to just keep popping up. Needless to say, this teething business has left us a quite tired! The combination of irregular sleeping patterns and some symptoms from a little cold threw us off a bit since it was the first time she has been sick. It has been fun though to watch her figure out her teeth as she constantly moves her tongue over them. With these new teeth have also come new foods. Her preferences for solid foods seem to change by the day, but she enjoys all of the baby foods we have given her so far. Bread, however, is always a winner (who doesn’t love bread?)!

At the beginning of the month, we bought her a little car that she can ride on and push. It has all kinds of fun buttons to push, but her favorites are the ones that play songs. Every time she pushes them, without fail, she sways back and forth and has the best smile on her face. If you even hum the song it plays, she will start dancing. We just love it! It has been really fun to see her take a stronger interest in her toys and to see which ones she likes the best. Her absolute favorites are her stuffed animals, Elly the elephant, Houston the horse, bunny foo foo and her zebra blankey. You can ask her where they are and she will look around the room for them. Once found, she picks them up and gives them a big hug. We simply adore watching her do this!

During this month’s photoshoot, Rylie Kay learned that she can climb! There was a lot of picking her up and re-situating her, which of course she thought was so much fun. This month I also had to bribe her for the first time with some snacks. She was very entertained by putting the puffs on the chair and eating them from there instead of from her hand. Oh my girl!

The first video shows one of her favorite things to do, make raspberries (or whatever it’s called)! She also does this if she has a toy that moves. And the second video, well that’s just Rylie being Rylie! Enjoy!










And the beloved outtakes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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