Rylie Kay – 8 Months

OK, eight months seems so old! Sometimes I look at Rylie and think she looks so grown up already. And then other times I see her completely differently and she looks like such a tiny baby. One thing is for sure though, this girl is tall! Because of this, she looks much older than other babies that are close to her in age.

At eight months, Rylie crawls on her knees, but still does the army crawl if she wants to go somewhere fast. Her movements still look very methodical and planned on when she’s on her knees. Still no teeth, but they’ve got to be coming soon! All of the signs are definitely here! She eats pureed baby food 1-2 times a day and has mastered grabbing and eating puffs by herself. We may try breaking up food into small pieces soon too. I’m so hesitant to move on to the next step in everything, but it’s so much fun to see her progress and be able to do things we’ve been working on. She can wave really well and is starting to figure out that she can wave with just her hand and not her whole arm. So cute! She pulls up on things by herself and can stand for awhile if something has her attention. While holding on, she can also take a few steps to get something she wants if it’s out of her reach. She also LOVES to make noises with her mouth and I was thankful she did it once during the video below because she does it all the time. She can entertain herself for quite awhile making all sorts of funny noises.

Taking her eight month pictures was the most challenging yet! I picked her up and sat her back down from a standing position more times than I could count. These pictures are SO her right now though that I just went with it. The outtakes at the bottom are what the 20 minute photo shoot really looked like! I love how you can see her handprints on the back of the chair  in some of the pictures. She was definitely everywhere! Oh how we love this sweet, stubborn and energetic girl!













Outtakes! She did lots of exploring during this photo shoot!

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