Rylie Kay – 7 Months

At seven months, Rylie Kay is definitely mobile! She has the army crawl down and we have been told by several people that she’s the fastest they’ve ever seen! Although she will get on her knees to crawl, she usually just falls forward and goes into army crawl mode. We love how she goes extra fast when she sees one of us and that she’s now able to move to where she wants, when she wants. Of course this is good and bad! When she’s headed toward something she’s not supposed to have (trash can, iHome/clock, fan) she looks back at us, smiles and when we say ‘no’, she smiles even bigger and then continues on her way. She’ll learn in time, I guess!

Still no teeth, but she has shown a lot of the signs that they’re coming! Based on how much she drools and puts stuff in her mouth, we’re actually surprised that we don’t even have any little white buds yet! Her hair continues to be a pretty strawberry blonde color and is starting to even out. We’re interested to see if it turns any more red as she gets older.

At the end of her seventh month, Rylie went to the beach for the first time! We went for a long weekend with Van’s parents and had a great time. Rylie LOVES the water, especially the pool. She enjoyed the ocean, but not as much as the little pool we had set up under the tent. We’re so thankful that our friends suggested we do this and even let us borrow their stuff! She could still enjoy the beach without getting a ton of sand in her eyes/mouth/ears/etc! All three of us are looking forward to many more beach trips in the future!

I thought she was difficult to photograph in some of our previous monthly photoshoots, but seven months definitely proved to be the hardest! She did NOT want to sit still and look at the camera at the same time! No way! She had to explore the chair and everything around it. One of our favorite things to watch her do is feel different textures. She looks mesmerized as she rubs her hands on things, especially soft things. As a softy lover myself, I’d say she gets it from me! She does the same thing with Van’s arm hair and it’s so sweet to watch her rub his arm. She’s still very much a daddy’s girl, which is fine by me. So precious!

Here’s a look at our sweet and very active seven month old! Enjoy the pics, video and of course the out takes at the end!









And a fun little comparison of one month, four months and seven months!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hard to believe that next month she’ll be eight months old! NOT ready for that!


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