Rylie Kay – 6 Months

Already a half of a year old? How can it be?! At times it seems like Rylie Kay has been in our lives forever, while at other times it feels like she was just born. I can’t say enough what a true blessing we consider her to be. It’s no doubt that we’re proud to be her parents!

At her six month check up, she weighed 16 pounds 10 oz (65th percentile)  and was 28 1/2 inches long (99th percentile!!). We knew she was tall, if by nothing other than the fact that so many of her pants could pass as capris, but we were surprised to find out that she’s in the 99th percentile!

She can now scoot around to pretty much anywhere she wants, which is fun and nervewracking all at the same time! She is of course drawn to all of the things she can’t have (computer cords, phone chargers, outlets, etc.) and is proving to be stubborn in that she just keeps going back even though we constantly pull her away. Sounds like it’s time to baby proof! For awhile she just scooted around on the carpet and didn’t go on the hardwood floors or in the kitchen. But once she realized she could go there too, she was off! We also started pureed food after her six month appointment and she has done pretty well with it. She’s still such a mess every time we feed her though that I’m often left thinking that bottles and breastfeeding are just so much easier/better! We are learning right along with her though and hopefully soon it won’t be such a chore. So far we’ve tried avocados, green beans and peas. We’re excited to see her reaction to other things and to introduce fruit eventually.

Her six month pictures were so much fun to take. She was very smiley this day and just in a great mood pretty much the whole time. She was definitely over it by the end though and the video at the bottom just cracks me up. I don’t know about you, but when I get frustrated, putting my toes in my mouth always seems like the best idea! Ha! Enjoy these pics of little miss Rylie Kay at six months old!








And of course, the outtakes!

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