Ten on Tuesday

Hello there! This week has been quite eventful, and it’s only Tuesday! Let me tell you about it…

1. On Saturday afternoon the coil in the bottom of our oven started sparking while I was making cookies for a family birthday party. I turned it off immediately, but it kept sparking! Scary, especially since I’ve never seen anything like that before. Van was napping with Rylie so I woke him up saying that the oven was exploding. Maybe a little exaggerated? Yes, but I didn’t know that this was a normal thing for the kind of oven we have!

And in case you’re wondering, the cookies I was making were for Oatmeal Creme Pies! I will absolutely be sharing this recipe as it was incredibly delicious and approved by everyone who ate one (or three…)!


2. On my way to work yesterday, I got in an accident on the interstate. The car in front of me stopped suddenly and I just couldn’t stop in time. Thankfully nobody was hurt and just my car and one other were involved. I’m also very thankful that Rylie wasn’t in the car with me. She wouldn’t have gotten hurt, but I can’t imagine trying to take care of her while trying to sort through everything on the side of the interstate.

My poor car is hurting pretty badly, but Van’s dad said he can probably fix it. We’re also thankful that they’re letting us borrow a car and that we don’t have to rent one in the meantime!


3. This sweet girl had her six month check up and shots this morning. She did much better than I was expecting with the shots. These bandaids on her legs just kill me though!


 4. Here’s a preview of her six month pictures! I’m so glad that I’ve stuck with this and have these photos from each of the past six months. She sits up so well by herself now, which made taking this month’s pictures a little easier than in the past!


5. Rylie got her first balloon at the party on Saturday and she was mesmerized. Between the string and the balloon itself, she couldn’t get enough!


6. Rylie was also cheering on Oregon State in baseball with her Beavers gear from our friends the Bishops. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for them to pull out a win, but she still looked cute (despite the blurry picture)!


7. She doesn’t mean anything by it yet, but Rylie has been saying “Dada” for the past week or so! It’s so exciting to see her developing vocally and we often pretend like she’s really talking to us. Some of the sounds she makes really sound like real words!

8. I’m absolutely loving summer so far! Just having more hours of daylight and sunny days make me so happy. I’m not a fan of all of these storms though! We lost power several times last week and Van has had to work overtime quite a bit. Overtime has its positives, but we’re ready for him to get home by the end of the day!

9. And speaking of losing power, we’ve learned that it’s considerably more inconvenient when you have a baby/kids! Rylie doesn’t understand why our house gets hot or why we can’t turn the lights or her sound machine on. Third world problems, but we’re thankful for electricity!!

10. Tonight we’re having dinner with our friends Steve and Heather! We’re very much looking forward to seeing their baby Lily and Rylie interact, and of course big sister Emma!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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