Rylie Kay – 5 Months

We are having so much fun watching our sweet girl grow! The months go by so quickly and before I knew it, another month slipped away and she’s now six months old! Stop growing baby!

At five months, she began to roll all over the place. We could no longer walk away for a few minutes and return to find her in the same spot. She has been rolling over for quite awhile now, but she recently learned that she can roll to get things that she wants. About a week before she turned six months old, she started scooting around on her tummy. Once she gets that determined look on her face, she’s gone! At about the same time, she began working on her first tooth. It’s at the very early stages, but she is showing a lot of signs of teething: drooling constantly (although she’s been doing that for awhile!), putting everything in her mouth, not sleeping as well (boo!) and even refusing to nurse for several days at a time. That last one is difficult because it takes three times as long to feed her. Let’s hope it’s short-lived!

She has also started getting upset when something she wants is taken away and she usually smiles when told no, although she doesn’t have a clue what it means yet. Her changing pad is right under the window and we have to keep the blinds up when she’s being changed or she will pull on them. She has such a strong grip that I have no doubt that she could easily bring them down!

These pictures really show her personality, especially the outtakes where she’s being a little pistol! Oh how we adore this girl!













Click the slideshow below for outtakes that show how this photo session REALLY went down!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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