Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Three-day weekends are oh so refreshing! Memorial Day weekend was made even better for us as two of my best friends came to visit and meet Rylie Kay! We didn’t have any grand plans, but it was so nice to just be together for a few days! Jessica arrived on Thursday evening and I loved having some company on my drive home from work! I worked on Friday, but Jess entertained Rylie, which was super helpful.


The weather was just perfect so we went for a fabulously long walk after work (from our house to the end of North Union Street). When we got back, we were shocked to see that it was already 7:30! Our original plans were to get dinner before putting Rylie to bed, but we decided to shower instead and grab dinner on the way to the airport to pick Caitlyn up. Rylie’s bedtime is 8pm and because of that, I haven’t been out and about after 8 in nearly 6 months! I felt like such a rebel! We enjoyed some delicious burgers and fries from Five Guys and made it to the airport with perfect timing. The only problem was that the airport was an absolute madhouse, maybe because of Memorial Day weekend and the race. We finally got Caitlyn and then stopped at Cookout for a milkshake before coming home. Tasted just like college!

Saturday morning was nice and relaxing. We had plans to go strawberry picking at Cody Strawberry Farm and I’m so glad we did. Rylie Kay had on a little strawberry outfit and was just too sweet. She generally doesn’t care what we do, as long as she’s outside!




036It didn’t take long for us to pick a full basket, so we decided maybe we needed a few extra! So delicious!





Rylie had her first little temper tantrum when we took the strawberry basket away from her. She had grabbed one and wanted to put it in her mouth, but she didn’t get her way. Such a mean mommy! Lunch and relaxing followed and later we had dinner at Afton Tavern. We had to take them there for the Cookie Skillet (for Elon people, Killer Cookie, but better)! And then I realized that Caitlyn doesn’t like chocolate, but she was still able to enjoy the ice cream and whipped cream since we ordered half without chocolate sauce. I think there are 3 cookies there. Mmmmm!


On Sunday after church we met up with Brittanie for lunch at PDQ! She drove all the way from Elon to see us and we had a great time catching up. Also, if you live in the area, I highly recommend PDQ (next to Concord Mills). Delicious chicken tenders and fries!




We made personal pizzas for dinner that night and of course enjoyed strawberry shortcake! Such a fun day. Caitlyn had to leave early the next morning so we were up and ready for the day much earlier than normal. Jess and I went for a 4 mile walk on the Greenway, which felt amazing considering all that we had eaten the day before! I’m going to have to do that more often! Rylie got tired of riding though and the only ways we could find to keep her happy were to hold her, run or sit her in the seat backward so she could see better. The running option didn’t last long and she eventually fell asleep. So sweet!



Jess planned it perfectly to have her flight leave shortly after I had to be at work on Tuesday. After a quick tour of my office, we headed to the airport and said our goodbyes. We had such a great weekend and I’m so thankful that they came all the way to NC to visit! We loved it!


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