My First Mother’s Day

Sunday was my first Mother’s Day and I really don’t think it could have been any better! We had my parents over for a yummy breakfast of eggs, sausage, fruit salad and cinnamon roll bites (yum! recipe coming soon). It was nice being able to be with them again, if even just for a few hours. They kept Rylie occupied while we got ready for church. Love this picture of her and my dad!


Then it was time for some family pictures!





Shortly after my parents left, Van parents arrived and we took some more pictures before heading to church.



Rylie also got dedicated after church. She was in need of a nap and fell asleep while we were listening to the service, but woke up when it was time for us to go up in front of everyone. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and it was so special to dedicate her to our God.


We went to lunch with Van’s parents before going home and resting for a little while. I thought it’d be fun to take Rylie to the park for a bit. Of course she fell asleep on our walk there and stayed asleep as we walked around hoping she might wake up. We even watched some guys play tennis for a bit, but she was still happily asleep. Next time!


Van had the great idea to go get some ice cream from a place we’ve been wanting to go to for awhile – Papa Robb’s Paradise Ice. Van had Vanilla Ice Cream in a cone (from Deluxe in Mooresville!) while I had Pina Colada Paradise Ice. Rylie was so funny trying to get the cone out of Van’s hands. We will definitely be going back – so yummy in a fun, clean and colorful atmosphere.





A relaxing evening with my family to end a great day was just what I needed. I hope your Mother’s Day was perfectly special in its own way, whether you’re a mom or you were celebrating your mom or a mom you love!


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