Our First Family Trip: Surprise, AZ

So I have started to write this post four times now and each time I find myself faced with the choice of blogging or sleeping. Well, sleeping always wins out my friends so blogging has fallen by the wayside. But I definitely have a lot of pictures to share so it’s about time I got back to it! Take that as a warning – this is a long post!

Last weekend we took our first trip as a family of three to visit my grandparents and aunts in Surprize, AZ. We left early Thursday morning. In fact, since my office is right around the corner from the airport, we actually drove in the same traffic and pretty  much drove my exact commute. It was kind of weird to be on the same route at the same time as normal, but not to be going to work. Weird, but not bad by any means! I was very happy to have two days off!

I can’t even tell you how well Rylie did with going through security and waiting for the flight. Our flight to Phoenix got switched from having one stop to being direct, which was awesome. Apparently US Air doesn’t allow people with small children to board first anymore. We had to wait until after Zone 2 had boarded. Strangest thing! The flight attendants weren’t very friendly, or as my mom would say, they didn’t seem to like their jobs. I guess there was some bad weather in Oklahoma because we were stuck in turbulence for over an hour. Rylie and Van were just sleeping away, but I had to wake Van up because I got a little scared. Rylie only cried twice during the 4.5 hour flight, probably for 2 minutes or so, even though it seemed like so much longer since there wasn’t really anything we could do about it! But she was a happy little travler and we were so very thankful!


I loved introducing Rylie to my grandparents and Aunt. These are some of my favorites pictures!






My grandparents live in a cute little community called Happy Trails. Everyone drives around in their golf carts enjoying the retired life. We took the golf cart out for a tour ourselves. We walked around a little bit, watched people play Pickle Ball and checked out the blooming cacti. We learned that it’s special when the flowers bloom because they only last for one day! Rylie loved riding around, but every time we went out, she fell asleep by the end of the ride! Right before we got back to my grandparents’ house, her head just dropped to my arm and she was out. It was the sweetest thing!





Rylie even got to go swimming for the first time! She liked it, but was a little tired when we got there. We went swimming on Friday and Saturday and I think she liked it even more on Saturday. She loves the bath so we were hoping she’d like the pool too! We didn’t stay too long to make sure we avoided any sunburn on her fair skin, but we had fun while we were there!





Rylie found the perfect chair for her naps while we were there too. She slept here for every single nap and it was just the right size! We decided that we need a chair like that and a golf cart since they are perfect sleeping spots!



My grandma’s roses were also in bloom. They were so beautiful and I couldn’t get enough of them! A quail had also laid eggs in their tomato plant and they should hatch any day now. My grandpa set up a ramp for the little birdies to walk down once they’re ready. so sweet!




We had such a great time while we were in AZ and we can’t wait to visit them again! We flew Delta on the way home and everyone was much more friendly aka they liked their jobs! We boarded first on both flights, which made such a difference, and Rylie received a pair of Delta wings on each flight. She was too tired to wear them though and slept and ate a lot! A guy who was sitting behind Van on the other side of the plane saw Van and Rylie playing and offered to take a picture. So nice!




We are thankful that Rylie did so well with traveling and adjusting to the time difference. We’re already looking forward to our next trip!


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