Ten on Tuesday

On Sunday I was thinking that I wouldn’t have anything to share today because I didn’t take as many pictures last week. You see, my camera is FULL and I can’t stand to delete any pictures! But I absolutely must continue to take pictures of our sweet girl so I backed everything up and deleted some of the longer videos I had taken. And then Rylie was being extra cute today and I filled it up again! Oh well. You get to benefit from it though because this post is pretty much all about her!

1. On Saturday my friend Jamie had our friends Casey, Katie and I over for a little girl time and Rylie and James got to hang out for a bit while they were both awake. They both napped a little while we were there, but at different times. Casey has short baby videos  on her phone and Rylie got to watch one for the first time. It was like they were on their very first movie date! I can’t wait to see these two grow up together.



2. If you live in NC, then you know that today and yesterday have been absolutely beautiful! I worked from home today so during our lunch break Rylie and I enjoyed the outdoors for a bit. We got the mail, walked down the street for a few minutes, ate lunch and played! She and I both loved it! I can’t get over how she has her feet crossed in the first photo. So relaxed!



3. So you see that adorable skirt she’s wearing? My friend Jess MADE it! It has a belt that ties into a bow, which works out great because she’ll be able to wear it for awhile! Rylie didn’t have the same views toward the belt though. She just wanted to figure out how she could put it in her mouth, per usual. I’ve thanked her a million times, but I’ll do it again. Thanks Auntie Jess!



4. Speaking of handmade gifts, my other friend Brittany made blankets for Rylie and they are perfect for cuddling up with or putting on the floor to play on. We especially love this one with our sweet girl’s name on it.


5. Rylie makes the most serious faces and it cracks us up! Yes, her shirt says Born in 2012. A little cheesy, but it was close to free and came with the cutest pants and sweater!


6. She is really starting to enjoy playing with toys now. Yet another handmade gift, this time from my friend Lisa, is this cute taggie owl. It makes a crunchy noise when squeezed and Rylie LOVES it!


7. She also had fun playing with the toys on her bouncer while we were outside today. Such a change from how she used to just stare at them!

8. I tried taking a picture of Rylie the other night and she kept putting her feet in front of the camera! Silly girl already!


9. In case you haven’t seen enough pictures of her, I have been keeping the Daily Dose of Cuteness page updated. Click the link to the left or go to the top of this page to check it out!

10. I’m all out of fun so the last thing I have to share is super random. When I got to work the other day, I noticed that my banana had split open! I have never seen this before. I guess it outgrew its skin!029

Enjoy the rest of the week! I hope you get to spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather…while it lasts!


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