Spring Cleaning!

This past weekend we did a little spring cleaning. Our list was long and we didn’t get to everything, but man, it sure felt good to check some of those things off the list! But you know what I discovered? Doing some deep cleaning really makes you see how icky things can get once you’re up close and personal with it. Case in point: the fridge! I knew it needed to be cleaned, but I had no clue about the attention that it needed until I got in there and did it! And don’t even get me started on the oven!

Van’s mom watched Rylie for several hours so we could get more done. Cleaning and baby watching at the same time just doesn’t seem to work. Time was up before we knew it, but it was really nice to have a good chunk of time to dedicate to getting things done!

I found a great solution for a chore that I previously hated doing – cleaning the ceiling fan. The falling dust, the awkward angle…no thank you! To make it easier, just use a pillowcase and slide it onto the fan blades one at a time and wipe the dust off. It all stays inside the pillowcase and is a mess-free process.


I also cleaned the door of the oven and can’t get over how clean it is now! Spotless! Make a paste with Baking Soda and vinegar. I started with 1/4 cup of Baking Soda and then added enough vinegar to make a slightly runny paste. Spread it on the oven door and wait 20-30 minutes and then scrub off with an SOS pad. I used these and they worked great. Check out the before and after! It grosses me out to think how it even got that way, but now that it’s clean I’m hoping to keep it that way.

074I found a great year-round cleaning schedule that I’m going to try and stick to from Reader’s Digest. I know that I want to do a lot of the things we tackled last weekend on a more regular basis so this list will serve as a great reminder! Of course some of the things like polishing silver don’t really apply, but I think it’s a good list nonetheless!


Happy Spring Cleaning to you!


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