Ten on Tuesday

Down to the wire, but here I am for Ten on Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start!

1. Van and I didn’t really dress up for Easter, but Rylie had a pretty little dress on! She mostly just liked chewing on the layers! The pictures I took weren’t all that great, but here are a few!




2. I did some shopping at CVS the other day and came out with my best savings yet. I paid just $1.12 for all of this! Win!


3.We thoroughly enjoyed having Friday off last week. We got quite a few things done around the house, including painting the half bathroom. Here’s a little before picture. Afters are coming SOON! We just have a few little things to finish and another room will be complete! Goodbye lovely (ugly!) yellow!



4. You know what word I don’t like? Caf. Like instead of saying cafe or cafeteria. I heard someone say it today and it just makes me cringe! That’s all.

5. The sweet baby and I had a little photo shoot the other day. We were given the cutest little hat with a big flower and I wanted to make sure I took some pictures of her wearing it while it still fits! These are a few of my favorites!




6. Would you just look at these little toesies? I just love them!


7. I made a delicious vegetarian breakfast casserole and hot corn dip to take to church on Sunday. I’m definitely going to have to share the recipes, especially for the breakfast casserole! Yumm-o!



8. I’ve noticed lately that I sure post a lot of vegetarian recipes on here. That’s odd because I’m not a vegetarian! I always seem to take pictures of the food I make that doesn’t have meat…I wonder if I do that subconsciously?!

9. When Brittany was here we had Banana Bread Pancakes for breakfast one day. They’re surprisingly not bad for you! Once you add the sweetened up syrup, well that might be a different story! Whole wheat flour, bananas and some other good stuff – so very delicious!


10. And finally, congratulations to one of my best friends Jess and her fiance James on their recent engagement!!



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