Ten on Thursday

Well this week has just slipped right through my fingers! It hasn’t been an exceptionally busy week, but Monday and Tuesday just left no time for blogging, so today we have Ten on Thursday! Not quite as fun and catchy as Ten on Tuesday, but it will have to work this week. Last weekend was a lot of fun and I have quite a few pictures to share as a result. Enjoy!

1. My friend Brittany came to visit for the weekend! We went to Elon together and are sisters in Alpha Chi. She works on the west coast for Elon now and I’m so glad she was able to spend the weekend with us while she was in the area for work. We loved having her here and can’t wait until her next visit!




2. In addition to the adorable outfit that Brittany brought for Rylie, she also got her an adorable outfit when we went shopping at Target! We didn’t notice at the time, but thanks to a lady in line at the checkout, we found that it matched what she was wearing exactly! We knew we liked those colors together for some reason…too funny!


3. We also went to Tonya’s baby shower on Saturday and saw a lot of friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile. Such fun celebrating Tonya and Travis and the upcoming arrival of baby Preston! We can’t wait to meet him! (Thanks to Meredith Parnell for these great pictures!)





4. Rylie has somewhat figured out how to suck her thumb recently. The way she keeps her whole hand open while doing it is so sweet!


5. We practiced rolling over while Brittany was here and I just love these pictures we took! The light combined with a naked baby was just perfect!



6. Last week we went to Rylie’s first Pancake Dinner at the Boys and Girls Club. It was my first time too for that matter! It is quite a popular event and we were excited to find Mark, Amy and Landon there at the same time! Landon enjoyed stuffing his face with his first taste of pancakes and Rylie just enjoyed her paci and being held by Mark and Amy.



7. My mom The Easter Bunny is seriously the best! Who knew that he reads blogs and saw my post a few weeks ago?! I LOVE my new Fossil wallet and Rylie is so excited about her Vera Bradley Baby paci holder and bibs! Ok maybe I’m more excited than she is, but it’s all good.


8. I love putting old and new pictures of Rylie side by side to see how she’s changed. I can’t believe how different she looks in the picture taken last week on the right compared to the one taken during her first week on the left!


9. It’s not too often that Rylie naps without her paci, but I’m glad that I caught this moment the other day. Maybe you’re tired of sleeping baby pictures, but I just can’t get enough of them!


10. A friend of mine recently told me about Origami Owl jewelry. The name is a little odd, but I LOVE their Living Locket necklaces! I’m thinking this would be perfect for Mother’s Day! Hey Van! Let’s talk preferences šŸ™‚


Hopefully today is the last day of work for the week for you and you’re able to enjoy a long weekend with your family! We’re excited to have the day off tomorrow and are looking forward to doing a lot of things around the house, including some painting!


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