Ten on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday to you! The week is off to a great start for us and I’m looking forward to another day of work today. I’m so thankful that I’m able to work from home this week and then two days every week going forward. Rylie still sleeps quite a bit during the day and is pretty content in general so I’m thinking it will work out wonderfully. So very thankful for our sweet girl! Lots to share and only a little time this morning so let’s get to it!

1. We met baby Simon on Saturday! He’s such a tiny little angel! Something about baby boys always reminds me of little old men. Anyone else? Maybe it’s because they don’t have a lot of hair, no teeth and sleep a lot? Who knows, but this guy is a cutie! And check out how itsy bitsy he looks next to Rylie! Baby Simon


2. Sadly we didn’t take any pictures of baby James. He and Rylie were squirmy little things at dinner and it quickly became obvious that eating out with two babies is quite a challenge! But we loved seeing them!!

3. I had pretty good success at the consignment sale on Saturday. It turns out that I have a thing for baby overalls…I bought two overall dresses, two short overall outfits and a long overall outfit (among other things). I can’t even tell you how many I put back. They’re just so cute! I was mostly on a hunt for bottoms and dresses since we seem to mostly have tops/shirts/onesies in 6-9 months sizes, but only a few things to wear them with! I also got some good baby board books. I think I spent about $6 on 10 books. They would have been about $6 each at the store so I’m considering that a big win! These consignment sales are awesome, especially on 50% off days! Here are a few of my favorite finds!

Consignment Collage

4. Rylie loves to look out the window and I captured this sweet pic of her and Van on Sunday morning. They were watching the birds and squirrels. So sweet!


5. I made those Honey Butter Pull Apart Rolls that I talked about on Friday. OMG they are as good as they look! I seriously think I could have eaten the entire pan! I want to put a garlicky/herby spin on them next time. You should make them. Really!

6. I also made Puppy Chow Cookies to take to church on Sunday. Yeah. That recipe is a keeper! I’ll be posting it here very soon (along with better pictures…white on white? What was I thinking?!)!


7. I can’t get enough of this cute polka dot puppy outfit!


8. Rylie is starting to sit up really well now and will even sit in the Super Seat for a few minutes! She’s not exactly sure what to do with the toys, but we’ll get there!


9. I saw these adorable straws in Target with all of the Easter stuff last week. I contemplated getting them, but didn’t really need them. I have a feeling I will be thinking of a million reasons of why I have to have them now!


10. And since I can’t think of anything else, here’s one more pic of my sleeping beauty. You can really see how much her hair is growing!


Have a great week!


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