Ten on Tuesday

Hello, hello! It’s hard to believe that it’s already Tuesday, but are looking forward to a nice and relaxing week after a fun and full weekend with my family. We just loved having my parents here for a few days and the weekend seemed to come and go so quickly! After several years of saying we wanted to visit my brother in Raleigh, we finally made it happen and found ourselves wondering why we hadn’t gone sooner! If Derek stays in Raleigh post-graduation, we will definitely return for more visits.

I have a lot of pictures and tid-bits to share, so let’s get started with Ten on Tuesday!

1. Rylie showed some serious love to my poor dad by majorly spitting up on him shortly after they arrived on Saturday. He was a good sport about it though. I’m sure it took him back to the days of when I was a baby!


2. My mom also had fun playing (and napping) with Rylie. How could you not?!


3. A friend recently gave Rylie this sweet blanket with a bunny attached to it and she just loves it! I think it’s so precious when she holds it like she never wants to let go. Sweet, sweet girl!


4. This past weekend Rylie decided that she doesn’t like to eat at all while sitting in the glider. She cries every.single.time I try to feed her while sitting there! It doesn’t matter if I’m nursing or giving her a bottle – she won’t have it. It’s the strangest thing. I think it may have something to with her being so long that she just feels cramped. It was pretty inconvenient this past weekend and resulted in a lot of uncharacteristic tears for her, but I’m glad that we figured it out and that she’s eating again without much fuss.

5. We waited too long to take the picture, but I just love this one of Derek and Kirsten holding Rylie. Love you Uncle D!


6. Little Miss just wanted to be held by her Daddy while we were at Kirsten’s. She would only sit happily with him or even let him feed her. Love that she’s a Daddy’s girl! I just wish this photo wasn’t so blurry!


7. Kirsten gave Rylie the cutest dress! It’s from the Nieman Marcus for Target line. I can’t wait for her to wear it next Christmas with a little cream sweater! Thanks Kirsten!


8. One of my best friends had her baby on Saturday morning! Welcome to the world Simon Paul Stone! He came earlier than expected, but both Heidi and Simon are doing wonderfully. Just look at this sweet face!

Simon Paul Stone

9. Speaking of pregnancy, I’m not a fan of this whole post-partum hair loss deal. I’m starting to think I will be bald within a matter of weeks. Ready for this to pass!

10. The dreary weather we’re having today is perfect for some sewing and other crafting. I have a few gifts to make and need to finish the flower puff project I mentioned recently. I can’t wait to share the final result!


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