Our Little Snow Bunny

This past Saturday afternoon we had an unexpected snowfall that made me giddy with excitement! Why? Because it’s pretty? Yes! Because it was Rylie’s first snow? Of course! But the main reason? We received a super soft and warm pink outfit at one of our baby showers and I have been dying to put Rylie in it! It really hasn’t been cold enough for her to wear it though. That is, until this past Saturday! Lucky her! I was especially thankful because it is newborn sized she gets taller by the day! I knew the chances of her being able to wear it were getting slim.

It snowed in the morning, but it didn’t stick at all so we had no reason to even take her outside. I was secretly bummed but then it really started coming down in the late afternoon. I quickly bundled her up and snapped some pictures that I have no doubt you’ll enjoy!

Daddy was excited about the snow too!


Sweet baby checking it out. She doesn’t look all that impressed.


Bundled up and looking oh-so-excited!


My in-laws were on their way over to watch Rylie for the evening so we were even able to get a family picture!


A little toasty and pretty  much over it. She never cried, but just gave me this look of “really, mom?”


Not only was it Rylie’s first snow, it was the first snow we’ve seen at our little house.


Hoping for at least one more snowy day before winter is over!


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