Hello, Hello!

Well I sure fell off the bandwagon after 25 weeks, didn’t I?! My desire to post weekly was there, but my motivation was not. Well I’m happy to say that both the desire and motivation are back and I can’t wait to share from our lives again. Since I last posted, our sweet baby Rylie Kay was born and has enriched our lives more than we could have ever expected. She is an incredibly wonderful baby and we have been surprised to find that this time has been easier than we expected. I’m sure it helps that she has slept well since she was born! Here are a few pictures of our sweet girl.

Our very first photo as a family of three:


Rylie’s first full day of life:


Our first outing, two days after we got home from the hospital. We went to Target to get some warm newborn clothes. We weren’t expecting to have a little baby! I just love Van’s goofy face in this picture!

First Outing

Christmas at the Cove:

Christmas at the Cove

Another family Christmas photo:


Auntie Mak came to visit for nearly a week the day after Christmas!! I love that she got to meet Rylie when she was so little!


Rylie is now smiling and laughing! She loves her play mat with the lights and music.


And one last picture of our super happy baby at nearly eight weeks old!



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