Random Update

Well hello there! Good to see you! Now that I’m emerging from a lovely little thing called morning sickness, I feel more like myself and am interested in more than wanting to just do nothing! I haven’t been sick in a whole week as of today. Little victories, people, little victories! Aside from that, there are so many wonderful things going on right now, I just have to share!

1. Can you just take a look at my super handsome husband?! He has worked so hard at getting healthy and I am so stinkin proud of him. And it’s paying off too. This picture was taken on Saturday at his cousin’s wedding. Wowza!

2. For a couple of months or so, we had really long green stalks growing along our driveway. They were dead in the fall when we moved in, so we had no idea what they would turn into. I’m SO glad we didn’t kill them thinking they were weeds because they turned out to be pretty pink hibiscus! All along our driveway and tons of buds still left. LOVE!

3. My boss and I took a new friend at work to one of our favorite places for lunch last week: The Billy Graham Library! It’s so pretty and relaxing there and they have yummy food too! We always get the chicken salad sandwich and on special occasions have even enjoyed their delicious soft serve ice cream. Yum!

4. We leave for Oregon SO soon and I seriously couldn’t be more excited. I have a feeling that I say this every year, but it is seriously so true. This is by far my favorite time of year and I have been looking forward to our trip since the minute we left last summer. So much goodness awaits. And everyone will be there this time. Plus my brother’s girlfriend! So, so excited!

6. My work phone was upgraded to an iPhone! Oh sweetness! I love it already!

5. Baby bump photos coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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