Next Up…Refinished Hardwood Floors!

Well hello there!

I have so much to update you on! We have accomplished several things on our house to-do list lately and I can’t wait to show the photos. Since we moved in, one of the things I have wanted to do most is refinish the hardwood floors that are underneath the carpet. We knew that we wanted to have hardwoods in the hallway, entry and in my craft room (!!) so we started there. It is still up for debate about whether or not we will do hardwood or carpet in the bedrooms. Van won me over by saying that he wants carpet in the living room so that he can roll around on the floor and play with our kids some day. So carpet in the family room is the plan!

You’re really not going to believe these before and after pictures! The craft room floors were in really good shape. But the floors in the hallway? Terrible! The people who lived here before must have had some big spills or something. Let’s let the pictures do the talking…

Craft Room Before:

After Paint and Pulling up the Carpet (minus the carpet pad):

Final Craft Room:

Entry/Hallway Before:

Hallway During:

Final Hallway:

Yay! We love it so much! New Century Hardwood Floors did the work and we would highly recommend them. Great work and customer service! Now it’s time to move back into the craft room and get some crafty projects accomplished!


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