Work Fun

I feel like I say this every.single.time I post, but life is so busy! Last week was especially busy since I was traveling most of the week for work. Life just kept on going even though it felt like I was at a standstill!

Oh well. I had a great trip and stayed at an awesome Omni Hotel. I think it just opened late last year and boy, was it swanky! Floor to ceiling windows, a great view, a big fluffy bed and even a TV in the bathroom mirror! Check it out:

I mean, seriously!? It was pretty sweet. I even had a huge walk-in shower.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to spend at the hotel. We were there for a Culinary & Marketing Summit and our days were packed full of presentations, panel discussions and of course, amazing food. I’ve been very lucky to get to go on great trips with work and we always eat delicious food wherever we go! It doesn’t hurt that I work for a company in the foodservice industry!

I essentially work on two teams and both of them were represented at the meeting and the Summit. Each had a booth showcasing a promotion we’re currently featuring or other happenings within the company. I was so proud of what everyone had done to make everything looks so nice. They really do a great job and make a huge impact in the company.

One of the teams I’m on is partnering with Jet Tila, who recently competed on Iron Chef, and it was really cool to see how down to earth he is. He made some amazing food and we’re hopeful that we’ll be seeing more of him soon!

I really enjoyed this trip. I learned so much more about the company and feel a lot better connected. I hope I’ll get to go again next year!


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