Another Completed Project: The Pantry!

Our third house project is finally complete! It took quite a bit longer than we were thinking, but we are absolutely thrilled with the results. Van did most of the work on this one since it was kind of a tight space and I assisted with input and ideas 🙂 It really turned out much better than I even imagined.

The space we started with is where the washer and dryer hookups were originally located. We moved them out to the closed in porch (and they’re doing lovely there, might I add), since after setting ours up there, we couldn’t even open the door to the outside all the way. Way too tight. Maybe the people before us had mini machines?! Anyway, it worked out great and is the perfect spot for a pantry.

Here is the space when we started the project. The paint was from when we painted the rest of the kitchen, but we knew this project would be in our near future and that we’d have to paint some areas, so we just dealt with the somewhat unsightliness of it for about a month.

I am SO proud to say that Van framed a wall and everything to make this project happen. He didn’t even know he had it in him, but he is really good at this stuff…and I am really thankful for that! Building the frame (I was spying through the kitchen window)…

The frame was up in no time! We put the doors on to see how it would look and to get them in place.

A few days later though they came off and stayed off for several days while Van put up paneling to match the rest of the kitchen. He also sanded, primed, painted (and then did it all over again because for some reason, it peeled off when he taped for the moulding). Matching the moulding that was already up there was slightly tricky since he had never done that before, but thankfully his uncle was able to help.

And now, here we are today with a completed pantry! If you didn’t know better, it really looks like it was originally there. Love that!

The shelves were the finishing touch and I’m so glad that we went with the boards instead of the wire racks.

Now I just can’t wait to organize everything! I already have a plan, now I just need to put it to work! I’ll share what I come up with, hopefully sooner rather than later!

I can’t even tell you how happy we are to be done with projects in the kitchen for now. We’re ready to tackle the hallway and my craft room so that they will be ready for the hardwoods to be refinished. Oh that will be a glorious day! We’re also ready to work on more projects together. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Another Completed Project: The Pantry!

  1. wish i knew me being his mom and all that he could do this i have a many a projects he could have done proud of you both looks great

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