Pizza Party!

I just realized that I never shared the pictures from the Pizza Party we went to this fall – oops! This wasn’t just any pizza party though. When we went to the Becoming Conference in August, we discovered that my friend Casey’s sister Crystal is a Bread Machine pro. She uses hers all of the time and we wanted to learn how! So we all met up at Crystal’s for a lesson and dinner!

Crystal even has a flour mill and grinds all of her own flour fresh each time she makes bread – too cool! The bread machine was super easy to use. We just put in all of the ingredients and it did the rest! After the dough was done, everyone made their own personal pizzas in pie pans, adding whatever toppings they wanted.

Jamie is a great pizza maker!

Rolling and filling the pans.

Casey and her nephew Samuel. Too cute!

The guys were involved in the assembly part too, but they weren’t so into the pictures.

That was mine 🙂

The Kimberlin’s were the only ones that got the photo memo.They’re cute! And look at all of those yummy pizzas!


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