Nearly A Month In!

Well we’ve had our house for nearly a month now so I figured I better get with it and share what we’ve been up to! I’ve been meaning to post an update for quite some time, but our weekends have been full and relaxing and doing nothing sounds so great most evenings!

Right before we closed, we showed our house to my mom who took this cute little picture:

We were beyond excited when closing day rolled around. The people who were selling our house were just so sweet. It was their parents’ house and their mom passed away earlier this year. We learned all kinds of wonderful things about her like how she loved to bake and how she would make mints and all of the counters would be covered in them. The daughter works at a drugstore around the corner and Van has already run into her. I’m excited for her to visit us and see some of the things we’ve updated.

Less than 30 minutes after leaving our closing meeting, we had changed into our work clothes and were at the new house ready to get down to business! Van did some quick yardwork to get the leaves off of the driveway and I got to work inside on some random things before we started taking the doors and hardware off of the cabinets.

This is what the kitchen looked like when we first got started. Oh how it has changed!! But you’ll have to wait a little longer on that one. We’re only partially done with this project.

We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us on Saturday so we called it a night after getting all of the doors and hardware off. On Saturday morning I cleaned and sanded the cabinets while Van started painting the closets. Better wear those safety glasses!

We had three closets to paint (one in each bedroom) and they were each a different shade of blue. They were painted from floor to ceiling in these colors.

They each took significantly more time to paint than we expected. 3-4 coats each and you could still see some blue! We decided that our clothes would cover the walls and that they didn’t have to be 100% perfect. Later we discovered that each of the rooms was the color of the closet. Thankfully they had all of the walls painted before selling the house or we would have really had our work cut out for us!

After all of the holes were filled, the sanding was done and the final clean off took place, I got started with the priming! That is some thick stuff, but I’m so glad we decided to use it. We actually ended up doing two coats since the wood was pretty dark, which turned out to be a good decision.

The final! With primer that is…

Since then, we have also painted the cabinets, doors and the molding. We also got new hardware for the doors and hung them! I’ll wait to share that photo once we finish painting the walls. I’m thankful that we got as much done as possible before we moved in because since then, we haven’t accomplished quite as much! We also had time off from work then so that helped. I’m looking forward to some time off next week to finish the kitchen! Woohoo! Stay tuned!


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