Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Stone!

On November 12 we made the trek to Hickory with my mom to see my dear, dear friend Heidi marry Zech Stone! I don’t have enough words to describe just how wonderful Heidi is and how very much I think of her. She is just one of those “one of a kind” friends and I’m so thankful for her. I’m so happy that she found Zech because he is just perfect for her!

Heidi and Zech are just super cute together and their wedding was beautiful!

Would you just look at these lovelies!?

When we were in Germany, there were three of us who were always together. Maressa and I both decided to stay the full year (Heidi planned to do so all along) and I’m SO glad we did. I grew so much with these girls and they mean so much to me.  Though we couldn’t really get “hang out” at the wedding, it was so cool to all be in the same place again. And I got to meet Maressa’s boyfriend Mike who I have heard about for years! 🙂

The night ended with sparklers and I just can’t get over how happy they look in this picture…

Congratulations to the Stones! We love you!!!



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