Work Trip in Asheville

I got home from Orlando on Thursday and had to leave again for another work trip on Tuesday. Thankfully, I was headed to the Inn on Biltmore Estate in Asheville! I was there for a Communications Forum and was really excited to be staying at such a nice place. We were in meetings pretty much the entire time, but managed to get a few pictures of my room and the beauty that surrounds the Inn.

The bed was so comfy! I could have slept here for days!

Check out the vanity in the bathroom! There was even a fresh rose waiting for me!

I didn’t have time to even try on the bathrobe, but it sure was a nice option!

When I first arrived, I went to the gym because I knew that it would be my only opportunity. It was super nice too!

There was even a fan built in (somehow) that blew air as I ran. It was lovely!

We had the best dinner that night and I wish I would have kept the menu to tell you all about it! But everything was local and the chef came in before to tell us about where everything came from. I think there were four courses – each unique and super delicious! The next morning we woke up to the fog settling over the hills and it was simply stunning. Too bad we had to go into meetings all day!

As the morning went on, it just looked more and more beautiful outside. I guess I’ll just have to come back when I can really enjoy it!

Working for a company that is all about food, and good food at that, we ate really at every  meal! Everything was so fresh too. We had dinner at The Market Place on our last evening there. Like the Biltmore, they are really big on the “farm to table” concept. I would definitely go back there! We also had yummy desserts at lunch (different days):

Overall, I had a great few days in Asheville. If you’re looking to take a special trip and wouldn’t mind spending a little extra, I would high recommend staying at the Inn! It’s an incredibly relaxing place and it is simply beautiful in the fall!


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