The morning after I got home from Orlando, Van and I hit the road for a weekend trip to Nashville for Erika and Lydon’s wedding! Erika and I met one of the first days at Elon and hit it off immediately. We lived near each other freshman year and then decided to move into an apartment together for Sophomore year (and the rest of college)!

Erika was stunning and Lydon was so handsome! My camera died right after the ceremony and this is the only picture I got:

But thankfully their photographer posted some more pics on Facebook! Look how cute they are!

We got to see a few of my other college friends at the wedding, which was really great. Thankfully Tyler was willing to take a picture of the bride and I. Not the best, but thankful to have it!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Small! I am so happy for you two and the love that you have found for one another!!

Other than going to the wedding and walking around Nashville a little bit, we didn’t do too much! All of the things I wanted to do were crazy expensive and for people in the process of buying a home, expensive touristy things just weren’t an option. But we enjoyed some yummy food and lots of time together, which is always wonderful!

We tried to go to a cupcake shop that I had read about called The Cupcake Collection, but after we walked/drove around looking for it, we discovered that they’re closed on Saturdays! I don’t get why in the world they would be closed all day Saturday. Total Bummer. It was cute from the outside!

But we did stop at a place called Fiddle Cakes we had driven by several times. I got a vanilla on vanilla cupcake and Van had a Cinnamon Roll. Nothing overly spectacular, but a nice treat nevertheless.

The trees were gorgeous for our ride home (unlike the icky rainy weather we had the entire way there)!

I’m looking forward to going back to Nashville sometime, but to stay with some locals (ahem, the Smalls) and do some of their favorite things!


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