Friday Favorites

This week just moved right along, didn’t it!? Lots of wonderful things happened on the new house front this week and work was pretty great too. I’ve been getting more and more “big projects” lately, which make me so nervous in the moment, but leave me with a huge sense of accomplishment. I really like being challenged on a regular basis. I don’t think I could do a monotonous job day after day. Thank goodness for a change of pace!

Anyway, here are some favorites I found this week!

Favorite Handmade Flowers:

by Craftiness is not Optional

Favorite Pet Item:

by Sam’s Workshop Etsy Store

Favorite Simple Entry Table:

by Thrifty Decor Chick

Favorite Drapes:

by The Yellow Cape Cod

Favorite Chair:

from Lamps Plus

Favorite Sweet Snack:

by Manifest Vegan

Favorite Cupcakes: Caramel Apple Pie Cupcakes

by Craving Chronicles

Favorite Necklace:

by One Day at a Time

Favorite Innovative Product:

from Infmetry

Favorite Fall Card:

by Andrea Walford

Favorite Idea:

from Grilled Cheese Social

Favorite Sewing Project:

by I Think Sew

Favorite Halloween Treat:

by Catch My Party

Favorite Organized Area:

by Nichole Heady

Well I think that will do it for today! Thanks to Pinterest for helping me discover all of these wonderful things!


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