Ten on Thursday

Is it really Thursday already!? Last week went by really fast so I figured that this week would just drag on, but it has flown by too!

1. We have had an unusually uneventful week…and we have been loving it! We usually have Life Group in Mooresville on one night, but it was canceled this week. I think we need weeks like this every now and then!

2. Last night I made a wreath for our front door! I didn’t make the actual wreath part, but I did decorate it! Now I want to make another one in a completely different style. Maybe I’ll check something else off of my list before I repeat a project!

3. We are up to the 2.5 mile mark with our runs! This beautiful weather makes the mornings just a little chilly and it makes our runs so different. While I don’t like to be cold, I definitely prefer this to intense humidity.

4. We have slowly begun the house hunting process! We’re having a lot of fun just seeing what’s out there right now, but we are so excited to buy our first house when we find the right one!

5. These two cuties are getting married SO soon! We can’t wait to go to Nashville for their wedding! (That’s Erika and Lydon. Erika was one of my roommates at Elon. We met very early on at Elon and were great friends all through college. Love you!)

6. And then these two love birds will tie the knot in November. SO excited for Heidi and Zech!!! (Heidi and I met in Germany and no matter what she goes by here in the US, she will ALWAYS be Heidi to me!)

7. After Heidi and Zech’s wedding, we won’t have any more on our calendar! Kinda weird to think about. Who’s next?!

8. Van and I are going to see the movie Courageous tomorrow night and I can’t wait. I know it isn’t going to be a Blockbuster hit, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’ve heard great things about it and it sounds like something I’d really enjoy.

9.  Magazine #2 is wrapping up this week. I LOVE the cover – it’s red velvet cupcakes! One of our graphic designers at work is also a very talented food photographer. It was really neat to see her simplistic style come to life on the cover. She did a really great job!

10. I get to go on a business trip to Orlando in a few weeks! We’re staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and I can’t wait!! It’s for our company-wide recognition event (no, I didn’t win anything, I’m just helping) and should be a lot of fun. This is my kind of business trip!

I hope you’ve had a great week so far! Have a lovely weekend!


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