Still here!

Don’t worry – I’m still here! I’ve got a lot to share, I just keep forgetting to blog about it all!

We’ve really been loving this beautiful fall weather and have even spent more time outside since it isn’t as humid! Oh how I love life without humidity! I do have to say that I’m ready for Daylight Savings Time to come around though. These dark mornings just aren’t working for me! In due time though…

We have made some quite delicious meals and other things lately. This past weekend I made granola bars (thanks Jamie!) and gnocchi from scratch. Both are super easy and require much less effort than one would think. Once you have the base for the granola bars (old fashioned oats, honey, an egg, salt, some peanut butter and oil) you can pretty much add any other goodness that you think would be good and it’ll work! We ate the entire pan between Saturday and Tuesday. Mmm! The gnocchi was even easier! Boil a potato, mash it up and then add some flour and a beaten egg. Voila! I’m looking forward to making them again so I can perfect my form a little, but Van enjoyed them so I guess that’s all that really matters! I also want to try to make a sweet potato version. Such a great little fall activity.

I also made a Pumpkin Spice Latte the other night that was amaaazing! Next time I will use stronger coffee, but it was still super good…especially since I whipped up (ha!) some whipped cream to go on top. Mmm! My momma taught me good! (I know that’s totally terrible English, but it reminds me of a funny little thing we say at work).

I’m hoping that we’ll get a few pumpkins this weekend or next. We’re going to carve them at some point and I can’t wait for that!! Oh the fun things you get to do at this time of year! I can officially say that fall is my favorite season!

See ya tomorrow for 10 on Thursday!


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