Lifetime Movies

Do you ever watch Lifetime movies? I watched my first one (crazy, I know) this weekend. I’ve always heard about them, but had just never seen one!

While Van was taking a nap on Saturday, I decided to turn on the TV (a rare thing) and checked out what was on. I came across this Dance Moms show that I had heard my friends talking about so I watched the last ten minutes. I don’t know that I could sit through a whole ½ hour of that. Yikes to the max.

Before it was over, I saw a preview for a movie called Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas. It had Christina Applegate in it and the story looked kind of good. So I decided to watch it while I did some other stuff. When Van came downstairs (near the end of the movie) he took one look at the screen and said, “You’re really watching this? Lifetime?” I didn’t think anything of it! It was just a movie on TV with a sweet story. Before he went back upstairs he said, “I can’t believe my wife is watching a Lifetime movie.” Hahaha Then I saw a preview for another movie that looked good, but he vetoed that idea. His judgment of me watching the one movie was enough to make me laugh and realize that I didn’t want to get sucked into another 2+ hours!

But I must say…Lifetime, we will meet again!


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