Have you heard about I hadn’t until two days ago, but I can’t stop looking at her stuff!!

She has wonderful products in so many pretty colors and designs. If you’re the organizer type like me, beware! You will seriously drool over her stuff and quickly be convinced that you have to have SOMETHING!

I have looked at her site several times in the last few days just dreaming of the Life Planners and a new address book. But they’re kinda pricey. So I decided that I would just get the address book and be good. You can personalize the cover and everything and Van and I seriously need an address book for both of our contacts…right?! Of course!

And then the most wonderful thing happened today. I was looking at a blog and saw that there was a Plum District special for $50 worth of product from for only $25! And you could buy 2! And to top it off, there was a 20% discount code which took an additional $10 off the price. Was it meant to be? Oh most definitely!! So this is what I ended up with:

The Life Planner in Fleur Feliz, personalized to say Alison Lambert:

Watch the video for the Life Planner and it will without a doubt convince you that your life will be more complete, more organized and more fabulous with it by your side. Seriously. An organizer’s dream!

And the Address Book in Happy Hearts, also personalized to say The Lamberts:

I had an additional $12 to spend that I was not about to waste. So I got two of these cute bags! Perfect for a gift or to use for myself!

I am just dying for all of it to arrive! Ahh!


2 thoughts on “Sold!

  1. I tried to get on Red Plum to find the coupon, but can’t find it! I am so in love with these planners and stationary and address labels!

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