Ten on Tuesday

1. I am totally obsessed with Pinterest. I think I may be the last to join that party, but oh man, it’s addicting! I resisted it for awhile, but had a little while to look around the other day and now I’m hooked. Pinterest allows you to bookmark pictures and put them on boards to view later. You can categorize them and see your friends’ boards too. Confused? Click here to view my Pretty Spaces board that contains rooms that I think are amazing.

2. The photographer for Ashley’s wedding posted some teaser pics. They are amazing! Take a look here.

3. I know this is a little strange, but I was actually happy to go back to work this week! I would have definitely liked to stay in Oregon for another few days or weeks, but it was just nice to be back. I hadn’t seen my boss since the beginning of the month either due to both of our vacation schedules. So I was definitely happy to see her again!

4. On the contrary, it stinks that we don’t have another “break” until September! I’ve gotten so used to having days off here and there for holidays and also vacation. Labor Day will be much appreciated this year!

5. Van and I are planning on running a 5k in February. It was easy to run outside while we were in Oregon. Van ran here on Monday morning and I’m going to go with him tomorrow morning. But I am so dreading it. This heat/humidity is killer!

6. While we were in Oregon last week I used my mom’s iPhone quite a bit. Now I have phone envy. Mine just doesn’t compare. Boo!

7. Because of this phone usage, we took a lot of pictures with her camera. So I only have a few pics to share. They’ll come in another post.

8. I have loved all of these weddings lately, but I’m ready for a wedding break! We’ll be wedding-free until October and then we get to celebrate with Erika & Lydon, followed by Heidi and Zech in November! Really looking forward to both of these weddings. I just know there will be a crazy amount of love allll around. Yay!!

9. One of my favorite things I’ve seen on Pinterest is a Cupcake Tasting Party (from Landee See, Landee Do). Why haven’t I thought of this before?! I know Jamie’s on board already 🙂 It’s SO happening!

10. Once we have more space, I belive I’d like to start a cake plate collection. Would you just look at that loveliness above?!


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