Ten on Tuesday

Yay! I made it on time this week!

1. It’s a little sad how excited I am to finally get my hair cut tomorrow. Yes. I have been talking about getting it done for quite some time, but my schedule wasn’t really allowing it! So thankful that tomorrow is the day! Yay!

2. I got an email today with a link for Free Salad! I get free stuff and coupons from the company who sent it all the time. Just go here and sign up for your free bag!

3. Van and I went to bed at 7:30 last night and it was so wonderful!! We’ve done that once before and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to get 10 hours of sleep. I don’t need that very often at all, but I can tell you that he’d love it if we did that every night!

4. Oregon is so close, I can taste it!

5. On our trip to Oregon I’m looking forward to: Ashley’s wedding, Mom and Mak (hopefully!) picking us up at the airport, stopping at Dairy Queen on the way to the beach (there’s just something about THAT DQ and the fact that it’s halfway to grandma’s), eating at The Bowpicker in Astoria, re-visitng Helvetia Tavern and sitting on the rock that Van proposed on, lots of time with family, being outside and not dealing with awful humidity…the list goes on and on!

6. Look at these two cuties from this past weekend:

Congrats to THE MILLERS!!! 🙂

7. But this is my favorite picture from the weekend:

8. We got back from The Outerbanks on Saturday and Van’s friends invited us over for dinner with a few other couples – one being my favorite Mark & Amy! Crysten just had a baby LAST SATURDAY and they were already up for hosting company! I even got to hold this little cutie!

That little fella is Mr. Landon Harwood. He’ s such a good baby too!

9. Last week for Life Group we had a cookout kinda thing at Erin & Ryan’s in Mt. Ulla. I was in love with just about every country house on the way there. Too bad it’s yet again, in the completely wrong direction than we’re looking! Erin’s parents own a kennel and they have all sorts of animals themselves. One being the incredibly fascinating Pudgy!

Yep. That’s a pot belly pig. Except he was huge! 

10. Here’s one last photo from the wedding…

The dress Rachel wore was worn by her grandma in 1957 and by her mom in 1982. And her grandpa was there to see it all 🙂 So special!


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