Ten on Tuesday

Let’s cut to the chase…

1. I need a haircut. I haven’t had one in forever and can hardly stand to even wear my hair down! The hard thing is that my hair lady is in Mooresville and I’m usually only there later in the evenings and on Sundays. Sooner (not later) it’s just going to have to happen!

2. I FINALLY got all of the boxes cleared out of our apartment! There were a few in the spare room still and I just didn’t know where to put the stuff. But it was driving me crazy and I’m so excited to have that room clean.

3. Van and I found my (his too?) dream house the other night in a realty magazine. Too bad it’s all the way near Salisbury! That’s completely in the wrong direction that we’re looking for. But it’s the perfect house! Look!

I can’t get enough of that porch. And the drive under thing to the left in the first picture!? And the white kitchen? And built in cabinet thing? Don’t even get me started on the great price! I could go on and on! Maybe we can just pick it up and move it here!? That wouldn’t cost a fortune or anything 🙂

4. Last weekend we helped my mom with a garage sale that was quite successful. It was fun, but I don’t believe I’ll be doing another one anytime soon!

5. I still can’t get over how much I got accomplished on Sunday. I must say that I was quite proud of myself and was so excited to see Van’s reaction to the cleaned room after he woke up (from his 3 hour nap). Checking stuff off my personal to-do list is always a great feeling.

6. Since I was putting stuff away, I figured we should hang some stuff in our apartment. We hung the mirror in the spare room and also a picture frame downstairs. That just made me want to keep decorating!

7. I have been incredibly exhausted this week. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep, but it never seems to be enough. We can’t get 9 hours of sleep every night because that means going to bed at 8:30! Which, of course, would be fine with Van. But that just doesn’t leave much of an evening after work if you do that!

8. I’m so excited for the three day weekend ahead followed by a two day work week next week! Woohoo!! Crazy, but that means that these two will be tying the knot NEXT WEEK!!!!!! So excited to celebrate with them!!

9. And shortly after that we’ll be headed to Oregon for our yearly trip! I can’t even believe that Van proposed last year while we were there. And now this year, we’re married! And we get to go to Ashley’s wedding this time. Soo excited for her and TJ!

10. I need a massage. Ok maybe not need, but I want one reallllly badly! I think I’ll be putting a Massage Envy gift card to use REALLY soon!


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