Ten on Thursday

I’m not sure what exactly it is, but this week has just been really great. Nothing amazing or out of the ordinary has happened, but I’ve just really enjoyed it!

1. We have played tennis twice this week! We played after dinner on Monday and then again last night! The weather has been much cooler and less humid, which has definitely been nice.

2. Van wants to learn how to play tennis, but not from me. Anyone want to give him a lesson or two?!

3. I have the best and sweetest husband. After we played tennis last night I wanted to make some cupcakes to take to work. Several people have birthdays this week and next and I have just been wanting to make something so it was the perfect opportunity. When I got out of the shower after playing tennis, I came downstairs to find all of my ingredients measured out and sitting on the counter! As my boss would say, he is a gem!

4. Speaking of husbands, we have been married for two months as of today! It feels like longer and shorter all at the same time.

5. This afternoon/evening we had a team building event at work. We all went bowling at the Epicenter in uptown Charlotte. Fun, fun!!

6. I did some calf raises last night after we played tennis and oh.my.gosh my calves are killing me! I can harldy even walk! So that made bowling extra fun tonight. NOT! My legs weren’t quite as bad during the day because I was wearing heels, but once I put on those bowling shoes and my calves were stretched – oh my!!!

7. Rachel and Doug’s wedding shower is this Saturday! I’m excited about all of the goodies I’m bringing along! I’ll share photos and recipes after the partay.

8. My dad and Derek will be home this weekend. We’re going to spend Father’s Day with them and I can’t wait!

9. I don’t think I announced this when I wrote about my dad’s job, but my parents will be moving to Florida. I’m sad that they won’t be less than an hour away, but excited for this new adventure for them. Plus, it will be a great place to visit!

10. Van and I don’t really watch much tv, but we are loving The Voice. So good and I love the concept.


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