Ten on Thursday

This is quite an exciting Ten on Thursday to be writing. Lots of fun and exciting things happening this week and coming up this weekend!!

1. At the very top of the list…my dad was offered a job this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After more than 2 years of searching, applying and interviewing, it happened!!

2. Yay dad!! So proud of you!! (This is a big one, so he gets two numbers!)

3. Tomorrow night we get to celebrate the marriage of Mark and Amy! We weren’t able to join them in Vegas last month, but we are so excited to celebrate with them tomorrow night. It will be fun, without a doubt!

4. On Saturday I’m joining a bunch of girlfriends for swimming/pool lounging at Rachael’s new apartment pool. SO looking forward to this time with great friends!!

5. My tan has faded considerably since our honeymoon so I’m also excited to get a little of that back!

6. The lovely Anna is coming over for dinner on Saturday night. We just love having guests and can’t wait to cook a yummy dinner…and dessert! Anna has been away in France for several months and I can’t wait to see her!!

7. In high school I went on mission trips with Carolina Cross Connection and they have moved their offices to Concord! Van and I stopped by the office recently and got connected with serving opportunities. So tonight we went and Van mowed the lawn and I helped sort things and take inventory of some tools/supplies. I LOVE doing that kind of stuff and want to keep serving there!

8. This really surprised me, but Van and I are having so much fun grocery shopping and clipping coupons together. I never thought he would be remotely interested in either, but we’re loving it!

9. Last weekend with our coupons, we spent $12 and got over $40 worth of groceries! Of course we didn’t get everything we need for the week, but we got some awesome deals and even got a few things for free! That definitely helps make it fun!

10. And another wonderful thing from this week…Mark and Amy found out that they are having a BOY!!!!!!!! We cannot wait to meet that little cutie!!!


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