Happy Friday the 13th!

Instead of writing about all kinds of crazy things that tend to happen on this day, I thought I’d share 13 fun/cute/awesome/adorabe/just plain cool things I’ve found lately!

1. Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Ok this thing is so cool I can hardly stand it. I mean, would you look at those popsicles!? To die for AND they only take 7 minutes to freeze! Neato-frito.

2. Craft Table with plans from Ana White

I know a lot of you have heard of Ana White and her amazing website where she posts the plans to build all sorts of amazing furniture. But if you haven’t, you HAVE to check it out! I want to make so many things on there, particularly that table above. I think Pottery Barn sells/sold something like that and I just love it!

3. Strawberry Kiss Cake

This cake just sings to me. It’s so pretty! I want to go to a baby shower for a girl so that I can make it!

4. Slap Watch

The first time Van and I saw these, I didn’t think I needed one. But I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since! I don’t know why, but I just love them!

5. Daffodil Cake Pops

Do I really need to say why I love these!? The cuteness may just be too much! Can I make them for you!?

6. Brown Sugar Banana Cupcakes

The name of them sounds delicious. But have you noticed the color of the icing? It isn’t pistachio or lime or anything normal really. It’s an Avocado Buttercream. Really? The girl who made them says they’re amazing and I have made several of her recipes that really are delicious. But Avocado Buttercream? I may just have to make them to find out for myself!

7. Cherry and White Stripe Paper Straws

I have seen these straws a lot lately on party tables. Sadly, I haven’t been invited to any of these parties. So maybe I’ll just have my own! You can get them in all sorts of colors and designs, but I like the stripes the best.

8. Black Ivy Baking Cups

While we’re on the topic of baking, check out these adorable baking cups!! This site has SO many different kinds…and they even have mini ones! Ahh!

9. Graduation Cupcakes

Well would you look at that! It’s like they made these cupcakes for me! We could just replace the high school with Elon and change 2011 to 2009 and we’d be all set! How fun…and yummy!

9. Ruffle Shower Curtain

For some reason somebody at work got a Pottery Barn Teen magazine in the mail. I know I’m not a teen, but they make some adorable stuff!! Like this shower curtain! Loving white right now.

10. Ruffle Pillows

As if the shower curtain wasn’t enough, check out these pillows! I’m telling you. SO many cute things from PB Teen right now. Look at their website at your own risk 🙂

11. Hourglass Beverage Jar

This beverage jar just makes me want to entertain. Sur la Table has all kinds of great grilling and entertaining items. This picture has summer written alllll over it!

12. Heart Apples

These apples are just so unique! The suggestion for making them is for a teacher’s gift…love it!

13. Live Love and Bake Cupcakes

Life motto!?


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