Ten on Tuesday

Da da dum! I’m back! After a much needed break (not necessarily from blogging, but just to catch up on life), So to get back into it, I thought nothing would be better than a little 10 on Tuesday!

1. Today I went to the Social Security office at lunch and changed my name! It was exciting and surreal all at the same time. When I got back to work I texted Van and said “I am officially Alison Lambert!!” Even writing that, it doesn’t seem real!

2. This week I started new hours so I could avoid some traffic and even go to the gym. Getting to work at 7:30 is so nice and I love getting off at 4:30 even more!

3. Since I now have time in the evening, I have started going to the gym again! It’s a lot different than my beloved Y in Mooresville, but it also has a lot of nice machines and great people watching. I think it’ll work out just fine 🙂

4. We’ve gotten some bad news about my car this week. Looks like between transmission problems and the lack of air conditioning, it will cost a prettier penny than its worth to repair. This should be fun :/

5. Can I just tell you that Van is the best husband ever? It’s so true. He surprises me with his wonderfulness every day and I am SO blessed and thankful.

6. Example A of how great he is: He has dinner ready when I get home from work! He has heard me tell a million people this, but I just don’t think he understands how wonderful that is and how RARE it is. Of course I don’t expect him to do that and have never said that he should do it, so I guess that’s what makes it so great!

7. Example B of how great he is: He likes regular coffee and I like flavored coffee. Some mornings, he makes his coffee and finishes it before I wake up and then has my kind of coffee ready for me. Too sweet!

8. We have hosted people in our little home twice so far and LOVE it. Seriously, we’re loving this whole entertaining thing!

9. At work we finished up the magazine we’ve been working on since Novemeber right before the wedding. This year we are also doing a Fall Issue for the first time so work begins on that next week!

10. It is way past my bedtime, so I’m outta here! Goodnight!


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