Ten on Thursday

This post is 100% wedding-related. Prepare yourself.

1. Today we have entered single digits until OUR WEDDING!!

2. Today our wedding date showed up on the 10 day forecast! There’s a chance of rain, so if you have weather powers, please put them to use in this area!

3. My to-do list is getting so short. I can hardly believe it. And the majority of the things that are still on there are things that I just want to do and don’t really need to do. Craziness.

4. I’m taking off next Thursday and Friday and then the whole next week! That’s 11 days off from work. Now that’s a vacation!

5. Tomorrow I’m dropping off day-of stuff with our coordinator – the day will be completely in her hands!

6. We met with our caterer on Tuesday night and I can’t even begin to tell you how WONDERFUL she is. If you need to cater an event, contact Doughgirls.

7. We also had dinner at Chad & Sarah’s on Monday night It was so nice to just sit around and chat and I even got to hold baby Mick! Awww!!

8. I mentioned before that we were getting my ring re-rhodium plated (aka dipped in white gold) and Van picked it up on Wednesday. It is more beautiful than I remember it being! Love that shiny bling! 🙂

9. Wedding guests start arriving on Tuesday!! Grandma and Grandpa are the first and then the masses will follow.

10. Can Tuesday be here already? I’m ready to get this party started!!


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