Fun with Mak

So what else did Makenna and I do while she was here? Oh lots. And we took lots of pictures for documentation (that’s for you Ash!!)

Here’s a recap:

Monday – Mom and Makenna hung out all day since I had to work. Boo! This was supposed to be her rest day to catch up from jet lag, but I don’t relaly think much of that happened. She was out and about with my mom all day long! They toured around everywhere and even stopped for some frozen yogurt. When I got home, we decided it was necessary to sample the wedding wine and of course we had to open the shower gift from the Bishops!

Tuesday – I had to work again on Tuesday, but Mom and Mak met up with Heidi for brunch/coffee at Starbucks…jealous!!

Makenna got to go to her first Super Target and posibly her first Super Walmart? Not sure about the second one, but they took a picture there too!

And then do you know what they did? They went to Coldstone! Sheesh! Two ice cream days in a row without me!

Van came over after work and we had some packages waiting for us to open! Van loves when we make him take pics of every gift we open! 🙂 Fun night with my two besties!

Wednesday – I’ve already shared about Wednesday, but we just had a great day and I haven’t shared this pic yet!

Thursday – I took Thursday off as well so after our marathon errand running, we went on the boat with my parents! It was a little chilly with the wind, but nothing a sweatshirt coulnd’t fix! Too bad I forgot mine and had to wear my dad’s!

Check out that contraband sweatshirt (she went to Oregon State). I can imagine the outrage of her family as they read this and see the evidence in the photos. She looks pretty happy to me!

Friday – I had to go back to work on Friday, but my parents and Mak had lunch with me before it was time for her to leave. That was such a nice treat to have waiting for me in the middle of the day!

Thanks for coming to visit Mak!!! I had the best time with you and can’t wait for you to come back in 2 weeks!!!!!


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