Ten on Tuesday

This week is slowly speeding by. There are so many exciting things to look forward to that the anticipation is killing me!

1. Have you ever shopped at Habitat for Humanity Re-Store? Van stopped in there yesterday to see if they had any dressers and he found the best deal! A beautifully long dresser with two mirrors and a nightstand for $150!! That’s better than what we’ve found on Craigslist! Sah-weeet!

2. Tonight we met with DJ Josh and our coordinator Beth and oh my oh my am I getting excited for the big day! Can it be here already?

3. On Sunday Jamie and Patty came over to work on the programs. They’re not done yet, but they turned out just like I was expecting! So fun to spend that time with such lovely friends.

4. I think I need another massage. When I got my last one, she did say that I should come back every 3-4 weeks because of all of the tension I have J I think that’s a good plan!

5. My gym goal this week is 4-5 days. 5 would be awesome, but I have been so tired lately that I may just need to sleep one morning!

6. On Saturday we will be moving my big furniture out! My dresser, bed and desk will all be leaving my house and moving into our apartment! Thankfully my mom was already scheduled to work that day. She does NOT want to be there while all of that is going on. Too sad!

7. Yesterday we got a super special gift in the mail. My German friend Katharina sent a beautiful package that had German chocolate, cutting boards with the map of Heidelberg on them and a really cool salt/pepper grinder. She can’t come to the wedding, but we will definitely be visiting her in Germany some day!

8. I’ve noticed that just as my wedding to-do list gets shorter, I seem to remember other things that need to be done. Some are not essential, but I figure that I need to write them down or they won’t have a chance of happening!

9. The magazine my boss and I have been working on since October/November is in its final stages! After final proofreading, it will be sent to print! Woohoo! The process won’t be done there though. They’ve decided to do 2 magazines a year now and the next one will release in October. It will begin again just as the spring issue wraps up.

10. Is it really only Tuesday?


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