The Best Day Off!

When Makenna was here, I took Wednesday and Thursday off so I could really enjoy visiting with her. That was the best decision ever! We had a full agenda for Wednesday and Makenna was excited to help with everything (at least she acted like it)! We started the morning by going to get our marriage license! We filled out some paperwork and then of course took a few pictures after it was all said and done.

We stopped by the church we’re getting married in so Mak could see it. We even got to meet the guy we’ve been working with and got to ask him some of our questions as well. Then we headed off to Lowe’s to get some cleaning supplies and a shelf since we had a gift card there. We were buying cleaning supplies because we were going to get the keys for our apartment that afternoon!! We asked our landlord lady if we could stop by and look at it and she said that we could start moving in if we wanted! Check out our loot:

Clearly, I was excited! Our next stop was the jewelry store to drop off my ring. You can have your ring re-rhoadium plated (aka dipped in white gold) once per year so this was the perfect time! My bling’s gotta be shiny for the big day! 🙂 After that Van took us to a new Cafe in downtown Concord called Carm’s Cafe. They had paninis and all sorts of yummy desserts that were calling our names. We each got a panini and were very satisfied with our choices. I got a frequent buyer card and I know we’ll definitely be going back!

It was finally time to go to our apartment after lunch. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the rest of the afternoon. Even though it was supposedly cleaned after the last people moved out, other people had been in there looking at the place and it needed a clean sweep. Call me OCD, but I’d rather bathe in a shower that had been cleaned by me (or Makenna since she’s awesome) and put my dishes on shelves that were wiped down by me (or Makenna again because she’s wonderful). It was sparkling and smelling delicious by the time we finished! About halfway through our cleaning, Van went to get keys made and have the power (or maybe heat/ac?) turned on. He even brought back delicious chocolate milkshakes for us! He will make a great husband for sure! 🙂

When we couldn’t move anymore, Makenna said goodbye to Van and then we headed back toward home. We stopped at The Jewel Box on the way. She got a super cute watch and some earrings, but I strangely left empty handed. We came home and got right to work on finishing some wedding stuff that we had started and were quite successful! We worked until late in the night and then finally crashed. We didn’t waste a single second of the day!


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