Weekend in Review: 3/18-3/20

I just love how it’s still sunny when I get off work and stays that way later in the evening! It makes such a difference on my drive home. When I get home and it’s dark, it feels like the day is pretty much over. With the sunshine and light, I feel like i can get so much more done!

Van picked up the washer and dryer we bought the night before and was testing it out with his dad when I got to his house. We had some pizza for dinner and just relaxed for the evening.

On Saturday we were both ready to get up and go pretty early. We went and checked out some moving sales (with no success, but still fun nonetheless) and then stopped at Punchy’s Diner for breakfast! Van had pancakes and I had biscuits and gravy for the first time! Ooh that was deliciuos! So healthy too! 🙂 We got my car inspected after that and then Van took a nap before it was time to head to Mooresville. Jamie, Jessica and Casey were hosting a shower for me at 2 in Statesville so I got ready at home and then Mama Lambert, my mom and I headed out.

As we were pulling up to Jamie’s parents house I recognized a familiar car and it was LIESL AND CHELSEA!!! They came all the way from Charleston! Oh I was so excited to see them! When we got in the house I was just amazed at how nicely they had decorated. I have some amazing friends for sure! So many of my dear friends were there and we had such a great afternoon. They even made all miniature foods since they know how much I love mini things! Too perfect. Aside from all of the fabulously generous gifts we received, my favorite part of the day was the advice game that we played and the video that Jamie made. There were pictures from all different stages of our relationship and it was just so sweet. Thank you to everyone who came and gave us gifts! We appreciate and love you more than you’ll ever know!

When we got back to my house, Van got to go through all of the gifts to see the goodies we got. He was so excited too! We had to run some errands so we did that and then came home for dinner with my parents. Van had helped my dad with all kinds of stuff while we were at the shower so both of us were tired by the time 8 rolled around! Relaxation for the rest of the evening was definitely needed!

We went to early church this morning and then came straight to Concord. We had a yummy lunch of Salmon Patties and then I came back home not too long after so I could get some stuff done. My MOH Makenna is coming tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! It doesn’t even seem real! She’s coming all the way from Oregon just to spend the week with me! Ooooh yay!!


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