Ten on Thursday

It’s almost my bed time, but I’m bound and determined to stay on top of this blog. I have so many things I want to share, but no time to do it! Someday…

1. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work I realized that this is my last full month of living at home! Of course it’s exciting because then that means that I’ll be living with Van in our own home, but it’s also so sad because I won’t ever live at home again! I truly do love living with my parents and it will be so weird to not live there anymore!

2. I think I may be more sad about that than my parents. I think they’re ready to kick me to the curb 🙂

3. Tonight I had dinner with Heidi at our usual spot: Shiki! As usual we had such a great time. I wish we could hang out every week!

4. Before we had dinner, we went to Aldi! Every week when we were in Germany we would take a trip on the streetcar to Aldi to buy groceries for the week. It was always such an adventure and ended up being one of my fondest memories of living in Heidelberg.

5. I’m sure we looked like we were from another planet while we were there tonight. We found my most favorite chocolate in the whole wide world. I thought I would only find it if I went back to Europe! But there it was!! And Heidi found some pickles (and chocolate too of course), but she ended up putting the pickles back. We looked at every single item they had and tried to find the “so German!” items. I loved every minute we were in there!

6. Only 44 more days to go! People at work are helping me count down and I just think it’s so funny. The majority of the people who comment on my countdown are guys, which is just so strange to me. I would think that they could care less, but they have the most enthusiasm of anyone!

7. This weekend we are working on wrapping up the ceremony (music, order, vows) and then we’ll begin planning the reception. We’re excited that all of our meetings are scheduled. Now we just have to make it to that point!

8. My gym attendance has been pathetic this week. On Monday I had a great workout. But then on Tuesday I accidentally turned off my alarm in my sleep. Wednesday didn’t work out either. And then this morning I just didn’t feel well. I’m ready for tomorrow though. Fridays are my most favorite days at the gym!

9. On Sunday I’m going shopping with Rachel! And she’ll be the first bridesmaid to get her dress! Yayy!!

10. I have seen some fabulously delicious recipes online lately. I think I will have to share some of them this weekend…if only I actually had time to MAKE them!


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