Weekend in Review: 2/25-2/27

This weekend was so great! We got so much accomplished, but were still able to relax and enjoy the weekend. I LOVE when I can check a ton of stuff off my to-do list!

On Friday I went to Van’s after work and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. We’ve decided that once we’re married, our date night will definitely be on Saturdays. We are just way too tired on Friday evening! When we got back to Van’s we chatted with his parents for quite awhile about all sorts of things. We shared some laughs and then called it a night.

We were up pretty early on Saturday morning. Even though I enjoy sleeping in, I think I may enjoy getting up early on the weekend. Yes. You read that right! It makes the day so much longer and then there’s time for a nap later in the day if needed! Oh how my opinions on life have changed! We met up with our wedding coordinator/miracle worker at Vintage Motor Club at 9 and got to see a glimpse of what the tables will look like at the reception. I think I could talk with this lady all day long! I’m so excited about what she is able to do for us!!

After we left The Vintage, we went to the jewelry store to find out about when we should get my ring re-dipped and to see if they thought Van’s ring is too big on him. He’s worried that it will fall off or get caught on something. They said it should be fine and that he should wear it on the honeymoon and see how it feels then. Let’s hope we don’t lose it in Mexico!

I got a call from the dress shop on Friday that the bridesmaid’s dresses arrived! Big surprise because they weren’t supposed to come until mid-March! Thank goodness they’re here now though because that timeline made me a liiiiitle nervous! We picked up the dresses and then headed to Mooresville. After re-grouping, I headed out for my haircut and hair test appointment! I love what Vicki is going to do with my hair and can’t believe that we’re already at this point. Holy cow it’ll be here SO soon!!!

Van and I went on a little adventure to BJ’s to browse and pick up a few things and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and working on the order of the ceremony and the program. I still can’t say enough how thankful I am that he has helped me so much. This is definitely not something that I would want to do by myself!! He has such good ideas too that I haven’t thought of, which makes it even better!

We had dinner with my parents and then relaxed the rest of the evening. Such a productive day!

On Sunday we went to the early service and then went straight to Concord for lunch with the fam. We both took a nap after lunch, which was so nice. After I got home I checked so many things off my to-do list – Woohoo!


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